Shunyata Research Anaconda VX Power Cord Speaker Cables

Anaconda VX Power Cord

Patented matrix geometry, virtual elimination of capacitive and inductive reactance, 14 conductors, 35-amp capacity, conductors hand-braided to length, 9 gauge certified CDA-101 copper, cryogenically treated on-site, 1.25" diameter, all ferrous and carbon metals eliminated, FeSi-1000 noise reduction compound, heavy gauge solid brass base-metal conductors, proprietary silver and rhodium co-plating process.

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antero   Audio Enthusiast [Nov 12, 2005]

are you kidding? there are only strengths with this cord, just give it enough time to fully settle in and use it with a shunyata hydra; this cord cannot be judged after inserting it into a system because it sounds nowhere near its true potential ... patience will reward greatly here.


I makes you want more anacondas.

This powercord can only be described as an eye opener for me. I have been using aftermarket powercords for a little while now and did not expect the level of improvement that this powercord brought. Once fully settled in after movement (about 1 to 2 weeks) this powercord never ceases to amaze me at the way music is presented with it in the chain. It is simply a must on good source. Despite its exhorbitant cost (even used) I believe this cord is worth the money ... yeah I think I've lost my mind. After hearing the anaconda vx on my audio aero mkII SE cd player, I want to buy one more alpha for the whest audio DAP and another for the YBA passion amp ... they are simply that good. Money concerns went out the window after hearing it. I will not fill up this post with adjectives on this powercord, suffice to say this powercord on sources and the same level through the system has provided me with the most rewarding musical experience that I've ever heard! Easily among the very best powercords for digital in the world. Value Rating: 5 stars (hard to say it's a giant killer, but a reference system cannot do without it, so it's worth its price) Overall Rating: 5 stars (far better than I thought powercords could get, this cord really takes you to the event, best powercord I've come across).

Similar Products Used: shunyata taipan, black mamba and copperhead, cardas golden and golden reference, revelation audio labs precept and precept II, audioquest nrg 2/3/5 ... nothing comes anywhere near it.
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