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Ethan   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 24, 2000]

the wires are sturdy and easy to plug in/out, delivers high-quality audio and video.


packaging is a bit confusing - back talks about interlink 200s even though interlink 200s aren't part of "kit"

I just picked up these Monster Cables for 30$ (ripoff?) at circuit city. It's a "kit" containing 1 RCA video cord, 2 RCA audio cords. I wasn't really expecting them to make any kind of a difference in my system.

You actually get one cord consisting of the 3 mentioned above stuck together. I needed the RCA vid by itself so I ripped it off. So at this point I have 1 rca vid by itself and 2 rca audio stuck together. I was a little nervous about ripping them apart but you actually get longer cords for less money when compared with buying them seperately.

I put the new RCA vid wire in place of my generic coax vid wire. Immediatelly I could see a difference on my tv: Colors seemed much smoother - skin flesh had less hue and looked more real. I set things up so I could flip back between the old coax vid and the new RCA vid and looked closer. I could see that the picture was just a little sharper with the Monster RCA. The difference in color was more pronounced though. Understand though that I was comparing coax to RCA - so that may be part of why the picture looks sharper.

The difference in audio however was night and day. I previously had gold-plated but cheap RCA's in (from Recoton I think). I popped those out and put the Monster RCA's in and I could hear the difference right away. The 1st thing I noticed was that the volume I was hearing was louder than 50 usually is on my system. It had to be the wires. So I started listening closely to the sound and it was definetally improved. Sounds clearer, cleaner, deeper. I could now even hear a few instruments that I could barely hear before. I was very impressed.

Finally I did a test, putting my old RCAs in left channel and new Monster RCAs in right. My first reaction was the same as before. The Monster side sounded considerably louder. I played with some other songs but the difference was obvious - the Monster side was always louder and cleaner.

This was the first time I had used real premium wiring for anything so I don't have anything to compare these wires to. But they are certainly 100x better than my old wires. Considering how happy I am with these wires I will probably experiment with more high priced wires..

feel free to email me - any and all comments welcome,

My system:
Kenwood 107VR (pro-logic receiver)
KLH professional 21B speakers
Panasonic TV/VCR combo PV-M2068
Kenwood DP-R896 cd player
General Instruments DCT-2000 digital cable box
Monster Cable Powercenter HTS700 (surge + AC filter)

Similar Products Used: el cheapo RCA connects for audio, also cheap but gold plated for vid
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