Monster Cable Interlink 100 Speaker Cables

Monster Cable Interlink 100 Speaker Cables 


- Monster quality interconnect delivers improved music reproduction.
- 100% foil shield reduces noise and interference.
- Special low density, structured matrix, foamed dielectric for low signal transfer.
- Side-by-side construction for easy installation of both left and right channels.
- 24K gold contact, heavy-duty molded RCAs.


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[Dec 02, 2001]
Adam Reuter


Durable, do block interference.


No different from Radio Shack brand.

This is a universal review for all audio and video cables. I conducted a blind test to see if I could see and hear the difference between Monster Cable, Acoustic Research cable, Radio Shack cable, and cheap no-name cable that came with my VCR. The results were astounding!

The following are grades I gave the video, not knowing which was which (1.0 to 5.0 scale):

Monster S-Video: 4.7, Acoustic Research Audio: 5
Radio Shack Composite Video: 4.7, Monster Audio: 4.9
Cheap Composite Video: 4.5, Cheap Audio: 5
Cheap Composite Video: 4.5, AR Audio: 4.5
Monster S-Video: 5, Cheap Audio: 5
Cheap Composite Video: 5, Monster Audio: 5
AR Composite Video: 5, Cheap Audio: 4.7
AR Composite Video: 5, Monster Audio: 4.5
Monster Composite Video: 5, AR Audio: 5

I used a brand-new JVC DVD player with output directly to a VCR to record all these different modes. I then used Monster Composite Video 3 and Monster Interlink 100 Audio cables connected to my television and speakers. I viewed the menu screen with chapter thumbnail frames, in-movie video and a still frame at the end of each test.

I could not tell by ear the difference between them! I gave different scores each time. This proves my point that a video signal is a video signal and an audio signal is an audio signal.

Now let me get to construction. The construction of these cables do vary. When plugging the Radio Shack cables in to the inputs and outputs, loud feedback was received. When doing the same with the Monster and Acoustic Research cables, the feedback was minimized to a mouse squeek feedback sound.

It goes without saying S-Video is better than Composite, just by design. But I really could not tell the difference.

What do you get with more expensive cable?

A lifetime warranty, durability, and a cool look. What don't you get? A better signal that you can hear and see.

I believed the hype, but I was wrong. Monster Cables are overpriced, and overhyped. I am completely satisfied with Acoustic Research cables because of their price and construction. If Monster's were cheaper, I would have given them a better score.

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