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Jasper   AudioPhile [Jun 17, 2007]

Just great; balanced, musical, detailed, not harsh, exquisite basses, depth of soundstage; just letting music through!


Not the smallest or most flexible cable; if that is of any concern to you.

I am writing this review to honour my own favourite speaker cables; the JPS Labs Superconductor+ speakercables. I own both a pair of SC2 NC speaker cables and these Superconductor+. Both are of same character; the Superconductor+ is easier to match with all; the Superconductor SC2 NC needs a more careful matching I find, but then have also some particular merits (greater bass extension and resolution, but not dramatically more). I live happy with both these pairs of single wire in my sets. A reference I don't have to think and worry about anymore (there is enough else..). The comment on the SC2 NC has become a little obsolete as I find JPS Labs has recently replaced this line with their new SC3 (how can the best get even better..) I don't know. No need to yet as I am happy as I have told. Very happy. What's left is my review for my (luckily still continue to be made) favourite Superconductor+ loudspeaker cables; I love them. My reference. Easy (to match any system) and just great (balanced, musical, detailed, not harsh, exquisite basses, depth of soundstage; just letting music through!). No more words needed here. For me these are the ultimate standard just before the extreme(ly) more expensive and highly critical cables. Put these Superconductor+ in your system and forget about the need of other cables ever, as far as I'm concerned! I would recommend this cable for medium high-end, up to very high-end systems, actually a budget cable in its class!
I (have been advised to) use the single wired version of these Superconductor+ speaker cables. There is also an internally bi-wired version available, and a 'petit' (thinner) version for smaller systems or budgets. I haven't tried them but there must be something to serve your needs. All depending on your system and needs. To go all out I have even considered a double run of these single wired's. But I am so happy already..

Customer Service

JPS Labs gives tailor made customer advice on all cable matters, a factory you can speak to and that gives answers! No problems whatsoever, great personal service and fairly quick also.

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