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Matt Blake   AudioPhile [Feb 26, 2009]

Speakers with bi-wired terminals on them.. the idea is to bi-wire them..
Using these with single speaker cables for several, sometimes very valid reasons; (-for instance one has great and expensive single cables already, or double runs of them become outrageously expensive..), leaves one with the problem and option how to bridge the 'high and low' terminals. Speaker manufacturers like the one on my speakers have a standard solution which is to include a goldish pre-cut metal plate. First thing I discovered long ago was that it made a great difference on which side (High or low) the speaker cable lead is connected. It is like having different speakers!
And while my first idea was to put them on 'low', testing proved on 'high' for me was much better. Then I read somewhere that plate jumpers were no good compared to wire-jumpers, and I experimented with several wire jumpers and discovered that every jumper has its own 'sound' that has a great influence on the overall sound balance! While searching the web I came across jumpers from JPS Labs, back then claiming to be 'the world's best jumpers!' I ordered them. I remember and have become very satisfied with them. End of the hassle and search for taking care of this absolutely crucial connection in my sound system.
Looking at the website of recently again I discovered their recent top line of cables, called Aluminata. And although reviews tell me they are the best one can buy, I'm simply not in the market for them. They are at the summit also price-wise.. Then I discovered a sweet spot in the collection, for reasonable money they sell the speaker jumpers that belong to the Aluminata line.. New jumpers that now must better the 'best jumpers in the world' I already had.. Well, since I was in the mood for an upgrade I decided to give these a try. Remembering how much the jumpers mattered back then.

I know my system very well and am able to hear the slightest changes in it. More than that I would not really have expected from this jumper upgrade. Before installing them I heated the system up and had a brief 'last listen' in the old setting. Then I installed the new jumpers, instant and perfect fit on the terminals. Note: Aluminata jumpers should be mounted following label text- (JPS Labs) direction on them from 'source to destination' onward, while the standard ones are supposed to be non-directional).
Anyway, switched the amp back on, pre and c.d. still on and standing-by. Ready for a quick thorough listen in the first say 10-20 min max until the 'break-in circus' usually starts after mounting fresh cables.

And there it was: any remainder of muffledness gone, cleaner, more relaxed and detailed sound, stronger sound. Better placement of voices (in choirs), better placement of applause-detail. Profounder and deeper bass. Briefly: a more live and natural sound with more speed, or because of more speed. These all in a scale of about 5-20% differences in my experience.

After having given the jumpers time to settle in, during which they remained absolutely 'listenable', that is not aggressive, during their break in period. Sound effects varied a little along the way, but were progressively improving until they reach an utmost satisfying and stable level of performing. It is hard to overstate what these jumpers did to my system while being a relative bargain.

My conclusion is these Aluminata speaker cable jumpers are a great match and upgrade for any bi-wired terminal jumpers!

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