Highwire Inc. Highwire 701 digital cable XLR Speaker Cables

Highwire Inc. Highwire 701 digital cable XLR Speaker Cables 


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[May 11, 1999]
Sonny Tuazon
an Audio Enthusiast

I bought my Highwire Balanced Digital Cable from somebody selling cables via the Internet. I bought it out of my curiosity to compare my Audio Technica Optical Cable, Camelot Excalibur Digital Cable and my favorite Van Den Hull "The First" Digital Cable. I was surprised at the improvement when I installed the Highwire 701. The sound has much more air,wider and deeper and more natural and smooth. I called the Highwire company and spoke with somebody whose name I forgot and asked other cables that they make because I don't see this company advertised at all, at least in the magazines that I read (Stereophile,Audio Magazine and FI Magazine). He said that they specialize on cables/interconnects mostly for tube users. I said "Fine" because I will be using it with a tubed DAC from California Audio Labs (Alpha Model). I said I was looking for a cable that would give me plenty of details and he said the 701 would fit my requirement. The cable performed just as what the guy told me and I'am very satisfied with it. Besides I got the cable for a steal at US $100. I think that I will be using this cable for a long time. I even compared it with a cable from Aural Symphonics and got the same result. I had this luxury of comparing various types of cables because my transport/DAC combination from CAL have the optical,RCA,balanced AES/EBU and AT&T. For the performance I give the 701 cable a FIVE STAR(*****). By the way the published price for the 701 according to Highwire is US $257.00.
Associated Equipment;

B&K EX4420M Monoblock Power Amplifiers 200wpc@8ohms
B&K PRO 10 Pre-amplifier
B&W Matrix 803 Series II
California Audio Labs Delta Transport
California Audio Labs Alpha DAC
Musiclink Balanced Interconnect Cables
Audioquest Midnight 2 Speaker Cable
Esoteric Artus Interconnect Cable

Highwire 701 Digital Cable compared to;

Audio Technica Optical Cable
Camelot Technologies Excalibur Digital Cable
Van Den Hull "The First" Digital Cable
Aural Symphonics Digital Cable

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