Granite Audio 470 Speaker Cables


Slow-Drawn 99.9999% continuous-cast single crystal silver

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Dennis   Audiophile [Dec 01, 2001]



None that I can detect.

Hands down, THE BEST interconnect to grace my system.

Clean, pure, like using no interconnect at all. HUGE, defined soundstage, cleanest, deepest bass I've yet heard.
Incredible dynamics -- from the lightest whisper to a crashing crescendo. Black as night background.

What more can be said, this cable does it all and simply lets the music flow unhindered and unfettered better than anything else I've owned or auditioned.

Associated eq.;

Martin-Logan "Odyssey" spkrs.
Llano Design "Trinity 400S" amp.
Audio Aero "Capitole" 24/192 CD
Analysis Plus "Silver Oval/Oval 9" bi-wire spkr. cable
PS Audio P300
WellTempered Labs "Classic V" T.T.
Balanced Audio Tech. P5 phono stage
Reference Line "Preeminence 2B" passive pre
Sanus eq. rack
Aurios "M.I.B." isolator feet
VibraPod isolator feet
Argent "Room Lens" (3)
Wheatfield HA-1 headphone amp
Sennheiser HD600
Shakti "stones (4) & "On Lines" (4)
Quantum Power "Symphony" pwr. condition (2)
Sonic Horizon "Daybreak", "Skyline", "Hurricane" AC cords
Silver Audio "Power Burst" AC cord
PS Audio "Lab Cable" AC cord

Similar Products Used: Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II, Nordost "Red Dawn", Alpha Core Geortz TQ, Silver Audio "Hyacinth", MillerSound
Constantine Soo   an Audiophile [Jun 28, 1999]

Review: Granite Audio model #470 silver interconnect

This is a review on a one-meter pair of Granite Audio’s model #470 silver interconnect from Granite Audio ( It is currently the only interconnect offering from this company. The MSRP is $950 per meter pair.

Components used in this review:

CEC TL1 CD transport, via ST link to
Wadia 27, via Granite Audio model #470 (replacing Kimber Kable’s KCAG) to
Music Reference RM9 Mk II power amp (4 x EL34 per channel, 125 wpc), via Cardas Quadlink 5 to


An audio system is only as good as it’s weakest link. It can only perform to the best ability of its weakest link, be it a turntable, CD system, preamp, power amp or speakers, etc. If you invested substantially into all the components for the sake of a better sound, and here you are again thinking about letting some of your fine components go in favor of yet something new, or even spending another several thousands of dollars on new additions, maybe you should stop and consider the alternative of how to maximize the performance of your existing gears.

The effect and benefit reaped from upgrading to the #470 will be most dramatic and appreciated in a top notch system, because of the garbage-in-garbage-out principle.

While changing or upgrading to different components will change the presentation of one’s system, using the model #470 may not bring about a nearly as pleasant an experience. Some components may boost the signal strength to enhance the information being sent through all the way from the source component. Such system using the model #470 might expose more of the intrinsic limitation and coloration of the individual components over the principal beauty of such a system as a whole.

About the interconnect

According to Granite Audio, the model #470 silver interconnect is made from the process of slow drawing, using 99.9999% pure silver, resulting in a single continuous crystal formation in the process.

From my numerous emails with the Company’s president, Don Hoglund (, I have learned that this continuous-cast slow-drawn technique creates one single crystal, different from the normal technique in which in any given meter, anywhere from 40 to several thousands of crystals will be formed. In the normal process, with so many crystals created, microscopic gaps exist between each and every one of the crystals, resulting in resistance, thus signal loss.

After the cable is drawn, it is wrapped in a 100% optimized shielding with both continuous foil and silver braid. The connection is completed by a lockable 9mm RCA connector, which has a hard-gold finish over silver, on top of copper. I especially appreciate the lockable connector, in that it can be loosened for disconnection and tightened for stabilization. Once upon a time, I used the Monster Cable’s "turbine" connectors, and the death grip almost tore the very RCA jack off the equipment. Scary.


At $950 per meter per pair, Granite Audio’s model #470 silver interconnects are certainly not cheap; but in my experience, the improvements it brings to a top notch system is comparable to performance from other components of high caliber.

My modest system is not top notch by many fellow audiophiles’ standards; but the improvements I experienced will certainly be maximized in a system capable of the utmost in sonic realism.

The strength of the model #470 is simplistic and significant: minimizing signal loss, while preserving a high degree of signal integrity.

The model #470 silver interconnect surprised me of the long-hidden potential of my system. Throughout these years, I’d sold countless equipments in the pursuit of higher sonic realism. I suspect many of us share the same experience, too. As I look back, I think to myself, "maybe I shouldn’t had sold my Sonic Frontiers SFL-2...maybe my Krell KSL-2 before that wasn’t such a bad preamp...maybe it was wrong for me to sell off my Audio Research D-76a...". "I was a fool to let you go !"

Right out of the wrapper, the model #470’s imaging was at the same par as my KCAGs already. However, my KCAGs was smoother in texture, and was of an half-meter run in length. I was encouraged by such initiation. For the following week, I run the model #470 from my hi-fi stereo VCR’s audio outputs to the audio inputs of my MiniDisc recorder.

After the 100th hour of burn-in time as recommended by Don, the first thing I noticed was how much more of the original information from the CD the model #470 was able to send to my Klipschorns. Now, the representation carries distinctive timbres from all instruments in the recordings, rendering the sound so lifelike that each reproduced note of music will not be ignored. Vocals are relayed with an intoxicating sense of presence. Complex orchestral passages now are being reproduced with the magnificence and glory they deserve. Energetic jazz performances are now given their proper treatment of finesse and sparkle.

In the area of analytical capability, the model #470 is a blessing. Before the model #470, the representation was homogeneous, so much so that sounds and instruments were somewhat chaotic in the space between the Klipschorns. Now, chaos has been replaced by clarity. Localization of all instruments and voices can easily be discerned with different shadings of tones. The portrayal of soundstages is natural and breathtaking.

Microdynamics is where the subtle gets the duly attention it is meant for. Macrodynamics is when the passion gets high, all hell should break loose. Both are happening with outstanding clarity in my listening sessions now in synchronization with the rhythm and pace of the musical beat. The sheer dynamics unleashed from the recordings through my Klipschorns is faithful to a live event. I shall expand on the Klipschorns in a different space and time.

Only one problem developed during my evaluation of the model #470, and that was the elevated noise level produced through my Klipschorns. Considering the reduced signal resistance from using the model #470, this is to be expected. By email, Don suggested that the interconnects’ direction of flow be reversed between my Wadia and Music Reference power amp, so that the internal grounding of the model #470s be removed. He was right, the noise subdued; but so much for the 100-hour-burn-in ritual.

So, watch out for the noise.


Audiophiles or enthusiasts like us know well the importance of interconnects and cables. But this aspect had never been more prominent to me until recently. We usually are willing to spend substantial sum of money on upgrading components and speakers; but in the past month, after too many years have gone by, I have finally learned not to underestimate the role a good pair of interconnects could play.

At $950 per meter per pair, Granite Audio’s model #470 silver interconnects are certainly not cheap; but in my experience, the improvements it brings to a top notch system is comparable to performance from other components of high caliber.

All these excellence accorded by the Granite Audio model #470 silver interconnects may not be given a chance to shine through, if one’s audio system is not capable of the effortless dynamics and naturalness this pair of interconnects can bring out.

In a totally different setup, the goal of music reproduction might attain to a different standard altogether. Such goal might emphasize on texture of sound, smoothness of timbre, and also atmosphere of performance.

A set of good interconnects should be impartial to signals it transmits. Believing this to be true on the model #470, it should be able to pass on with high integrity the signals given to it by the source components we use.

Model #470 is addictive. Makes you wonder about the possibilities with more of the silver in your system, such as speaker cable. What will happen to the already very 3-dimensional and clear presentation ? That’s a BIG question mark with a big price tag attached. And it’s a question with an answer often acquired by those of us with more capable financial means. The lucky ones.

My modest system is not top notch by many fellow audiophiles’ standards; but the improvements I experienced will certainly be maximized in a system capable of the utmost in sonic realism.

Without the model #470, I couldn’t have experienced the excellence of the components and CDs I have. But, being the least expensive member in my audio system (and cheap it certainly is not), it ought to be destined to be eclipsed by my other love affairs, in the likes of my CEC TL 1 CD turntable, or my Wadia 27 decoding computer, or my magnificent and majestic Klipschorns.

The ironic fact is, the model #470’s significance cannot be dismissed easily. It makes my entire audio system shine like never before. It sets a stage upon which my entire system is able to really make music.

Never before had I committed to paper my feelings about interconnects in considerable length. Writing under this context has given me opportunity to clarify my feelings about many things. This reviewing process has been good for me and thoroughly enjoyable. I bought my pair of the model #470.

I shall purchase a second pair of the model #470 in the future if I ever come to bi-amping my system.


Who should we be grateful to ? The brilliant minds behind the ingenious engineering of a component, or the fine engineers and talented hands of a run of delicate cable ? After all, both groups of indispensable minds pour in their very best to escalate our state of music reproduction to new heights.

I knew it: we should be grateful to both of the groups. Or actually, we aren’t the ones who should be grateful – they rely on our business. Oh, come now, let’s talk about music reproduction.

Tim L.   Audio Enthusiast [Jun 17, 2001]

Neutrality, transparency, details and etc...


Need more time to be ascertain

First of all, I would like to express to Mr. Soo for an excellent review of the Granite Audio #470 (interconnects). Very thorough and well written with a touch of poetic flare to it, which I very much enjoy.

It had been quite a journey for me in searching for the 'missing-link', least in my headphone set-up comprising Electrocompanient EMC-1 (CDP)/Omega II System (Electrostatic Earspeakers). After trying many cables and interconnects, I realized my system's overall sound was veered ever so slightly to warm or dark tonal balance from absolute neutrality. I had tried many brands of interconnects from well known respected companies to some new companies emerging by the month on Audiogon.

On my quest to reach musical nirvana, I realized that silver (interconnects) seemed to demonstrate a better synergy with my set-up. While other brands sounded good, they lost that last bit of overall smoothness often associated with all copper design. My journey had brought me to Granite Audio #470, my "missing-link", my final destination...

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neil   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 02, 2001]

clear window to source


none really

Well, finding the audio product that makes you happy usually turns into a quest. I tried the above cables. I was using the HT Silway, which is a good cable. I came across Granite Audio and called Don to discuss the 470 as I was hearing good things about some silver cables. Don was informative, not pushy or hyped. He answered every question I had and then he offered to let me audition the interconnects. If I was not happy, money back! So they arrived and sounded very good right away. Like , oh, so a cable CAN be this transparent. Let them break in and then started the serious a/b to the silway's. Well as we all know cables are sometimes system dependent and synergistic...The Ht cable was just not giving me all this Granite cable was. The HT had a "nice' sound, but there were , real differences. In a system that is not sorted out and close to neutral, the HT may help soften the blow of an average cd player. But if you have good components and revealing speakers the Granite has across the board, eye opening sonics. It is very fast, open, and detailed. Now some say, oh don't mess with silver, it is too bright. These are not, they are pure, very extended and exciting. Snare drum shots happen NOW. No smearing or delay. Percussion instruments showed the articulation this cable will let thru. Midrange is uncolored, which is a good thing, but it did not add a somewhat thicker sound to poorly recorded cd's that the HT did. On well recorded music the 470's just sang. The bass had a different sound from the HT altogether. It was faster , clearer, less boomy. At first it seemed like less bass, and some cd's were helped by the HT bass. The room did not shake quite as much with the Granite, but the bass was more real, integrated with the music. I had tried the Nordost red dawn. This cable is also fast and clear, but for me, it was a bit raspy, steely,"impressive", a good cable, but not in the same league as the 470's refined sound. The 470 does not come with million dollar ad campaigns, and you may say why should it sound so good, or not "sound" at all. Granite audio has somehow hit the mark with this cable and it surprised me. I have not the time or money to try all the 'high end' cables out there. There are many good ones. I feel lucky to have found this cable. It is worth trying. In a bright system with an older cd player it may let you hear things you do not want to in your system. Most shopping in this range will appreciate its honesty. At that time I was going direct from my cd player into my amp, so the ic was critical and differences in sound were not lost in many cables being in the system. If it is not , for some reason, synergistic in your system, you get your money back. Not many people take the time that Don does to work WITH his customers. He enjoys music and likes to get your feedback. He may be able to discount somewhat from list price and is very accomodating to meeting your audio needs. They also have a whole product line that looks interesting. Enjoy the MUSIC!....

System: McCormack Signature cd player [a bit old, but still quite good]direct/or VTL preamp>Spectron amp>Aerial 10t speakers. All kinds of music.

Similar Products Used: Harmonic tech pro-silway mk II,nordost red dawn,audioquest
Suresh   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 13, 2001]

Good bass, good midrange, very detail without any edge, outstanding soundstage, fast sounding


None that I can detect

These are by far the most revealing and neutral cable I've ever heard, and without any edge at all. They have surpassed my greatest expectations. The sonic improvements after adding the Granite 470 weren dramatic. It was as if I had added/improved one of my components bring out the potential of my all Linn system.

I would also recommend Quest for Sound as a source for the Granite 470. Stephen Monte( is committed to customer satisfaction, and will take good care of you. A real class ACT!

I recommend these cable without reservation.

My Syatem:
Linn Ikemi
Linn LK85
Linn Kolektor
Linn Keleidh (Active mode)
Analysis Plus Oval 9 and Silver Oval speaker cables
Granite Audio 470 and Silver Audio Hyacinth Interconnects.

Similar Products Used: Van Den Hul D102III, VDH integration, VDH first ultimate, Silver Audio Hyacinth
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