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Eichmann eXpress Power Cable Speaker Cables 


Incorporates resonance control technology that provides a cleaner AC load to the power supplies of components.


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[Apr 15, 2006]
Audio Enthusiast


better detai,increased 3d soundstage, deeper puncher bass, better separation more musical


slight loss of high end shimmer (might be system not Eichman)

I’m not an expert; I just like my hifi and can only tell you what I hear. As we are all looking for the next thing to make our system sound better and I’ve already changed my interconnecter (Chord Chorus) and speaker cable (QED XT400) I thought I’d try a different power chord. Although my system didn’t sound bright to me it did have a little sibilance on some voices and this started to annoy me. I had a LAT AC-2 pc so I thought I’d try a copper pc instead to see if this would help. I installed an EICHMAN EXPRESS SERIES 2 PC on my amp (Musical Fidelity X150) and it has improved my system considerably, the sound is much more 3 dimensional, (the LAT soundstage was wide but flat) the bass has more punch, goes deeper and is more musical. It has allowed some details previously unheard to come through and gave better separation on instruments and voices. The sibilance decreased but hasn’t disappeared. The Eichman pc just seems to be in a different class to the LAT, I’m not knocking the LAT, for the price it’s a very good cable and in the right system a great buy especially if your system needs brightening up. This improvement encouraged me to purchase another Eichman pc for the CD player. Again good improvements were heard but not as much as on the amp, more detail and depth in the soundstage but best of all sibilance completely gone. WAHOO!!!
To say I’m happy with my system is an understatement but there’s always the next step up the ladder. With the removal of the bright LAT there seems to be a slight loss of the high end shimmer, cymbals sound detailed and not as forward but with the shimmer as well would be better, could be the Eichman or maybe a new cd player required Time and my wallet (which is empty) will tell, for this reason i will still give the pc 5 stars

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