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Tim   Audio Enthusiast [Jul 26, 2000]



Very slightly on the warm side of neutral.

This interconnect is marginally better than Discovery's Signature cable. It appears to be a bit more neutral sounding, more detailed and as equally balanced. Compared to Kimber KCAG, the music emanating from my system now appears a bit more full bodied, warm and musical. I would recommend the Plus Four cables for a system that leans a bit toward the dry or analytical side of neutral (eg. some solid state based systems). The Kimber on the other hand, I recommend between preamp and amp or phono and phono preamp on either solid state or tube based systems.

In the end, the cable choice should be made by you, the listener.

System stats for those that may benefit from such:

Museatex Melior CDD-1 digital transport (Canare Digiflex Gold I to connect to DAC)

Muse Model Two Plus DAC(Kimber KCAG to connect to preamp)

Audio Research LS-3 line stage preamp(Discovery Signature to connect to amps)

(Two) Ayre V-3 stereo power amplifiers (vertical biamp configuration). Discovery Signature speaker cable to connect to psb Stratus Gold loudspeakers

Cardas Quadlink 5C power cords.

PS Audio P300 power regenerator for front-end components.

PS Audio P600 power regenerator for both Ayre amplifiers.

All equipment on Michael Greens Roomtunes Justarack except amps which are on Target amp stands.

All equipment on DJ Kasser's pyramid cones (mk.III s for the digital components, mk.IVs for all other equipment.)

Discovery Plus Four interconnect between conrad-johnson PF-R preamp and one Ayre V-3 power amp in my second system.

Kimber KCAG between Theta Pro Basic II DAC and CJ PF-R preamp.

Hopes this helps.

Enjoy your music!

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