Custom House Cable Benchmark Audio MK II Speaker Cables

Custom House Cable Benchmark Audio MK II Speaker Cables 


Loudspeaker Cable Interconnect Cable Digital Cable Power Cables Video/RCA MSRP for 3 feet of loudspeaker cable.


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[Feb 22, 2000]
Audio Enthusiast


Very transparent, sweet, detailed cable. Sweet, smooth and detailed highs, warm mids, and good low end make this cable ahead of the competition in it's pricerange.


Large locking ends can be difficult to use with receivers or equipment that has the imputs close together......but the sound makes up for it!

I have a set of Benchmark II interconnects for my CD player, and bi-wire speaker cable for my center channel only. Before I post my review, I should let you know the components in my system.

Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers(5i's, 3i's, and center 10.
Denon 3300 receiver(as a pre-amp only in stereo)
Adcom GFA-555 amp
AH Tjoeb 99 CD player
Toshiba SD-1200 DVD Player
Z Man Signal enchancer(wired between the Denon 3300 and the Adcom.
Custom House Barracuda, Benchark II interconnects and bi-wire speaker cable, as well as a Barracuda digital coaxial.
Custom House origial 12 gauge hospital grade copper speaker cable wired to my Silver 3i's.
Hughes Dolby Digital DSS system.

I use the Benchmark II Bi-wire speaker for my center channel because it helps to bring the voices out. There is minimal sibilance, and the voices sound very smooth, clear and natural in DSS, DVD or VHS.

I use the Benchmark II interconnects for my AH Tjoeb CD player, and I rotate them with Custom House flagship Barracuda interconnects(see my other review.) Both of these cable sound fantastic. While the Benchark II is a little sweeter with more transparency, the Barracuda is a tad smoother with more bottom end. However, the Barracuda isn't quite as detailed as the Benhmark II either. Compared to a $400 set of XLO Reference interconnects, both of these Custom House cables can hold there own. Although the the XLO Reference is little more detailed, slightly smoother, and transparant then the Barracuda and Benchmark II, it tends to be a little bit brighter at high volumes. In addition, the Custom House has a much beefier low end, a warmer mid-range, and the Benchmark II, for example, is a bit sweeter and more natural sounding then the XLO. Bottom line: You can['t go wrong with anything in the Custom House line. It blows away 95% of the cables in it's pricerange, and the build quality is superb!

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