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shirrell   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 11, 2002]

Cable does exactly what it is supposed to do. Soundstage, imaging, detail, air. More than modest pricing. Beats the pants off the "thousand dollar plus" cables.



Whoa, "I''m not worthy"!!!! This will be your last set of cables! The wire does everything right. The soundstage is deep and tremendous, extending well beyond the speakers. The detailing is precise, you know exactly where every instrument is. You will hear little sounds that were unavailable to other cables. I heard an unfamiliar sound on one of Joe Sample''s songs. It was a strange thumping sound, that I played over and over, until I figured out that it was his foot pushing on the pedals of the piano!! The one thing that seems to be most monitor''s downfall...the bass! These cables give your speakers incredible bass. I am using a pair of KEF Q60 speakers and with these cables and I could leave my subwoofer off and still be happy! The person that I bought the cables from had them about a year, so I did not have to burn them in. They sounded great right away! They are 11 feet in length and I paid $280 for them. It was probably one of my better audio deals. I used to be one of those people who said that cables don''t make any difference, you know, the mister know it all type that dosen''t have any thing to support his statements with! I have used Monster wire, Audio Quest, Transparent, and Straight Wire and the Analysis kicks the crap out of all of them, regardless of price. If you have the opportunity to audition or purchase a set of these, do your self a favor and jump on them, you won''t be dissapointed, they stand up and deliver. High ends are smooth, midrange, especially voices, are very life-like and believable, and the bass, like I said before, will bring your monitors back to life. Diana Krall''s voice has a dynamic, in your face, sultry texture to it when using the Ovals! Violins are smooth and detailed, pianos sound like pianos! Great performance from the Oval Nines! KEF Q60s Aragon 4004MKII Audio Research L15 Cal Audio Delta Meridian DAC Tansparent XLR Connectors M&K V125 THX

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