Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval Speaker Cables

Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval Speaker Cables 


Our premier silver cable has been improved by going from a 12 gauge to a 9 gauge cable and even a more elongated oval geometry for even better performance. This cable is very fast and detailed but without the harshness often associated with silver cables. It now has the punch in the low end with the incredible mid and highs that people have come to love in the Silver Oval.


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[Jul 09, 2015]
Robert J.
Audio Enthusiast

Wow! No one has reviewed these cables as of yet. Part of me is surprised, and another is not considering their price. But, be that as it may, let us get on with the review and my humble opinions put "on paper" here for others to consider if they should contemplate buying a set of these.
And, people, you should consider getting a pair of these. I have been in the world of high end audio for 21 years. I was one of "those", you know, the people who have an easier time justifying buying another black (or silver) box for its sonic abilities but never really doing the same for cables/interconnects. I just never treated cables on the same level as I did the large items in my system. I was fortunate in that I had a little windfall come my way and when it did, I was (and still am) very content with all the black boxes, speakers and other items in my system. How many of us can say that?! I have large tubed monoblock amps that when I purchased them, the seller told me that the manufacturer recommended some silver speaker cable that came from the U.K. for optimum performance from the amps. I was able to secure some back then but as time went on one of the cables got damaged and I was without silver for my amps. Copper cables were still very good but I longed for the sound and presentation I got with silver.
So, my mind grappled with itself and the spontaneous side of my brain ordered a six foot pair of the AP Big Silver Oval (BSO). I had read all that I could, and waited anxiously for the delivery of the extremely well built and attractive cable (and thanks to Alan at AudioWaves in California for all his help in ordering the cable for me).
Once it arrived, I went through the long, and I do mean long process of breaking in this cable.
I know there are those who say that breaking in cable is nonsense, and there is no such thing as cable/wire break-in. Well, if you were to judge the BSO right out of the box and into your system as the determining factor as to whether you would keep it or not, Analysis Plus would not be selling any of BSO anywhere. It is okay out of the box, but is not a great performer at that stage in its life. There were times when I was afraid I had spent a lot of money for a cable that was not any better than my Analysis Plus Oval 12. Had I committed the sin of buying cable based on the word of a professional reviewer before actually listening to this stuff myself? Read on...
After hundreds of hours of break-in, sweating, cursing, nail-biting and re-reading the comforting professional reviews in an attempt to quell a nervous mind, it happened. Around the 350 hour mark, the cables all of sudden sounded like sonic heaven had opened up and poured sonic bliss down on me. This cable is marvelous! It is heads and tails better than the old silver cable I was using in the late 90's. The detail I am hearing is unlike anything I have ever heard before. The soundstage is immense in both width and depth. Vocals, especially female, have taken on a lifelike performance I have not had in my home before. Large orchestral pieces have power and "weight", with dynamics that make one run and dig out CD after CD or LP after LP to hear those things that you might have not heard in a long time, or even more so, had never heard at all.
DO NOT confuse the Big Silver Oval with the Analysis Plus smaller silver speaker cable. That cable I had heard before, and even owned. While it was good, it is NOT (get the idea I am trying to make a point here?) in the same league as the Big Silver Oval. The two are very different in performance, at least to my ears. And another important point to cover: the BSO is not bright. At all. While silver has a reputation for being bright and at times, in some silver cables, painful to listen to, this is not the case with these. Quite the contrary; these are relaxed, but not at the expense of the music. Again, these are detailed in a natural way - no over emphasis in the highs, no bloated midrange and excellent bass. These cables are revealing, revealing, and did I mention revealing? Whatever is on the recording, the BSO cables will let you hear it. There will be no sugar coating, smearing, romanticizing or transformation in anyway other than what is on the recording. If the recording is dull, dull is what you will get, and in spades. A marvelous recording will leave you in tears; tears of joy.
The Analysis Plus Big Silver Ovals, to me, is my testament to the fact the cable should be considered like any piece of equipment in one's system. When I listen now, I feel like my whole system was upgraded several times over.
In closing, there is some "clean up" I want to do. For some reason, Audio Review did not let me go higher than 2010 for listing the product model year. My cable is the latest version from AP, the 2014 model year.
Now I have to save for some AP silver interconnects.
For the record, the original silver speaker cable I had was silver speaker cable from the U.K called Silver Sounds. I have also owned and used speaker cable from Wire World, AudioQuest, Kimber, Blue Jean Cables, Harmonic Technology, DH Labs, Cardas, and JPS. (I think the BSO is better than JPS).

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