Nordost Vishnu Power Cables


- Vishnu -

? Construction: Precision Micro
Mono-Filament Design
? Insulation: FEP Teflon
? Conductors: 3x16 AWG Extruded
Silver over 99.999999% OFC
? Connectors: IEC/Wall Plug
? Color: Lavender
? Speed: 85% Speed of light
? Power Rating: 25 AMP
? Capacitance: 10pF/ft
? DC Resistance: 4.0 Ohms per
1000 ft/304 m as Terminated

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Dseanm   AudioPhile [Aug 29, 2011]

California - USA. Colombo - Sri Lanka

Roy Gregory, Hi Fi+ Issue 28 had to say this about this power cord:
"Vishnu delivered greater bass depth and weight, but also greater texture. Along with that added weight and control of low frequencies comes a sense of authority and space: space around and behind the performers, space between notes and phrases."

To me it sounded pretty lean. Had no bass to boast about, surely no weight or any extended depth other than the usual. Highs and mids on the other hand is world class, the very best I have ever heard. Speed, transparency and definition was second to non. Vocals sounded so much more "Alive" micro to macro details were all layered with superb dynamics and attack, was simply pure sonic bliss. I had the Vishnu exclusively on my Transport, that is where it really unleashed itself. EAD T1000 Transport sounded like a $10K unit, accuracy, detail, definition, speed and Dynamics was surely something I could not compare even to this day, it is phenomenal.


I found the Vishnu lacking bass and weight, this to me at the time was a problem. I find the statement above very misleading but every system is unique in its own way. Also the EAD T1000 is known to have weak bass, I was blown away by the Stello CDT200's bass but the EAD T1000 excelled on mids and highs by 6 figures. SO maybe the Vishnu was not right candidate for these transports?? .... but ..... I also tried it with my DAC and pre-amp too and to my surprise it still had the same signature sound.. No authority in bass.


I still miss my Vishnu, I remember how much I enjoyed listening and how adamant I became of not willing to try any other power cord even after I recognizing the flaws. Speed, dynamics, attack and definition was simply stunning. You could fetch one on the used market for around $280 so based on that price, which was the price I paid, 5 stars on the $ value and 4 stars on performance, I hate to give 4 for it but I have to, in m heart its a solid 5 all the way but to be fair I give 4.


If I find another Vishnu for sale with some extra cash in my pocket...... guess what I am going to do?

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