JPS Labs Kaptovator Power Cables

JPS Labs Kaptovator Power Cables 


The Kaptovator introduces a superior dielectric material to AC power cords, Kapton®. Kapton is typically used in critical aerospace and military applications due to its extreme high-temperature tolerance, high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant; basically a near perfect insulator for our cord.


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[Jun 29, 2004]


Makes the music live



Owned the AC+ of JPS before, while being a starter on AC improvements. This cable gave me great joy already, improving my Unison Research tube amp so unbelievably beyond what I ever would have expected from a 'just' a 'tweak' like that. Well, it is not a tweak; I have become a realist now; the AC supply with powercord as its main component in the line is so important.. It comes in the same line as speakercable and interconnect, and definitely not in the last position. Having enjoyed the depth, power and soundstage improvement the AC+ gave my system already, it made me very curious for what was higher up on the line. Knowing my investment would be safe. (never thought I would ever spend 1500 USD on a cable.. (Up front I thought 500 USD for the AC+ was ridiculous enough already). Reading several reviews on the Kaptovator of JPSLabs aroused my curiosity to this cable. After auditioning it for a while its slight harshness during break in goes away and what comes in it place is.. amazing! Hard to describe, you just have to hear it! There is only one problem with these cables.. There is NO way back. You just don't want to listen to your system anymore without. And I know.. having lend my cables to audiophile friends to give them the experience, missed them dearly and even went to them earlier to just get them back. This may all seem a little exaggerated for just a cable.. Maybe.. go for the experience, if you love audio, you won't be sorry. All info is on

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