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The new Aluminata power cable touts technology in function and design that other cables cannot touch, and as always builds upon previous JPS designs.

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Jasper   AudioPhile [Nov 19, 2004]

It is everything at the same time; detailed while smooth, powerful while sweet, strong while gentle..


audiowise: None, physically it can be a heavy weight..

Having had JPS Labs' Kaptovator power cord for quite a while now on my (Unison Research) amp and their Digital AC power cord on my (Wadia) CD player I learned the Kaptovator was also optimal on CD.. So I was a power cord short. I decided to take the big leap for my amp to the ultimate JPS Labs has in store: their Aluminata Reference AC cable. This is a rather huge and heavy, but remarkably flexible big black 'reptile', that actually sounded good right out of the (aluminium) box and was less 'problematic' during the always needed break-in periode than I earlier experienced with the Kaptovator cord, and the Power AC+ I once owned. This Aluminata AC power cable turned out to be so beautiful that I want to share this with you. Once you forget about the investment (the price of a very decent amp..) and found a way to hook this physically very heavy cable on to your equipment (I found some support was needed to prevent this big snake from falling its own way down because of its weight..) you will probably be very happy about it as me and own it for life. No need to ever upgrade this piece anymore.. And it will probably feed many amps to come. This is a beautiful cable indeed, Providing the amp with the best AC supply one can wish for. The sound character I find is detailed, very detailed, but beautifully round as well. Instruments come out their best; as they are. Actually this cable leaves me nothing to wish for; it is there without showing off its appearance (audiowise that is..) It is everything at the same time; detailed while smooth, powerful while sweet, strong while gentle.. It is wonderful and I think that is what completely(!) justifies its top price. I am very happy with it. Never known I would be so happy with such a unknown investment. I went all the way up through the range of JPS Labs (and others like TARA Labs, Chord and Cardas) cables and decided that whomever said 'cables come first' was right. Better invest in these once and for all and then go for the rest of the equipment, that can sound to its full potential then most people will never be able to hear from it with their more or less dire level of cabling. I must tell you as well that I have built a dedicated AC line directly from my meterboard and use a decent outlet center (very advisable!) in combination with the good powercords. I combine this with the Superconductor2 interlinks from JPSLabs and just recently switched to their Superconductor+ speakercables as well. They all match very well together. All info is on where also many other reviews can be found. Not many on the Aluminata though. I think it is still a rather rare cable to find in the world and a sort of big secret :-). Possibly because of its price, but I think anyone who has the equipment and the money to buy it should really give it a try. You really never heard it sound like that before! Take the time for a decent break-in of at least a hundred hours or more (pref. 200+) though, to really let it flow the way it should and is capable of. Auditioning cables is not an easy job. That is why I am so happy it is RIGHT this time.

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