Supra SWORD ISL Interconnect Cables

Supra SWORD ISL Interconnect Cables 


All SUPRA connectors have shielding housings and the cables are provided with Supra´s efficient screens which ensures noise rejective interlinking. The cables are developed with the focus on low capacitance, high velocity factor and correct and stable characteristic impedance. The results are improved definition and dynamics.
Our best analogue interconnect, Supra’s flagships. Sword–ISL is an interconnect pair with Supra RCA-8 anniversary plugs, made for analogue applications. Semi-balanced for best performance.
What does it sound like?
Supra Sword passes the most complex music transients without any deformations. Signal delay is suddely the same at all musical frequencies. Therefore it vanishes, giving a clear 3-dimensional presence, a sure sign of the highest fidelity.

What is in the wooden boss?
In accordance with Supra’s Business Concept, No-nonsense Design, there is no mysterious components in the Mahogany wooden boss on the cable. You may call it a No Nonsense Boss. It has 3 functions.
1) Holds the pair together and you can slide the boss along the cables, depending on how you wish to spread the ends apart.
2) A decorative piece to put the name plate on.
3) To indicate the direction of the signal. See it as half an arrow and connect the signal in the arrow direction.


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[Jan 20, 2010]

I auditioned a pair of Supra ISL RCA cables based on the recommendation of a friend. I was told that it seemed he changed his system immediately after he changed his cable into Supra. I was intrigued by his bold statement but I had my reservations, being a skeptic that I am(in all respects). So from the shop, I listened to my old cables and selected a particular musical passage on my Rega P5 turntable. After this process, I hooked the Supra via my Rogue Magnum pre amp to the Rogue dual monoblock M-150 power amps. I was amazed at how the sound transformed. Image, depth and detail was enhanced. Presence was apparent in all musical aspects of the particular track I kept on listening to. I must say the Supra cable is magical. It greatly improved my system.

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