Siltech Siltech SQ28 Classic G5 Interconnect Cables

Siltech SQ28 Classic G5

Interconnect cable silver/gold

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Johnny Papoutsis   AudioPhile [Feb 14, 2013]

Reviewing interconnect cables is never that easy. Many of us have different views on the musicality and the type of results we are looking for. On my part, I will attemp to describe what I found when testing these cables on my system. I will provide a list of the components used and a list of the other cables that pitted up against the Siltech SQ28s at the end of the review.. A brief description of these cables will catch your attention immedietly! They are top quality build with a fit and finish next to none. They are flexible and very easy to position on the rear of your components. The locking WBT rca plugs will mate to your equipemnt with a snug fit and will lock into place with just a half turn. It is clearly not recommended to bend these wires at very sharp angles. Their internal wiring is composed of precious metals, so care must be taken. After warming up the system for about twenty minutes, I placed myself in my usual seating position and dropped in one of my relax mode cds, Diana Kralls Look of Love. My first reaction to hearing the opening track was to lower the volume, something I have not done since trying out the Audioquest Anacondas. But the similarities ended there. Siltech has never made any halucinatory claims about what there cables can do, they simply tell you, that the build quality and science that goes into building them is top notch. After listening to several cd,s I understood what they are getting at. These cables have no sonic character, they are probably the quietest cables I have ever used, the music flows effortlessly with wonderful imaging, and the precision of the location of instruments is excellent. Vocals are fluid, with an amazing texture and warmth. The background is as black as one would expect from a cable of this caliber. Bass tones were brought forward in a tight, precise fashion. On Micheal Oldfields cd The song of Distant Earth track 12 Tubular World, there is a melange of highs, mids, and tons of seismic bass.With alot of other cables, the instruments seemed to be fighting for position, almost as if they had become lost and were scrambling around trying to say, hey Im over here. The SQ28s, were extremely neutral and very well balanced, allowing you to fall into the world of the tubular bells. It was a stellar performance. Wonderful! Cables usually made from silver and gold have a tendancy to be on the bright side. Not here. Siltech claims that their strands are not plated silver and gold, but are actually SOLID precious metals. Listening to Holy Coles Night cd, will confirm that these cables are not harsh and render the piano strokes with outmost realism and clarity. Her voice can put you in a coma, thats how accurate the vocals were.Track 6 Love Lies, shows of her sultry, sexy vocals, comming straight from the throat and not the lips.Moving on to Pink Floyds the Wall, was a toe tapping, come and get, experience. Once again the background, dark, silent, allowing the multiple voices to show their strength. The soundstage was sublime. Not only left to right, but in depth and height. The chorus groups in Another brick in the Wall were outstanding. You can practically see all the performers. On the last cd I tried, Holst The Planets recording from Telarc, the musicality showed off the strenght and power on the track Mars, the Bringer of War. The percussion instruments had such beautiful depth, and the wind instruments were displayed with fluidity and great texture. Very powerful track. Extremely dynamic. Passages going from soft to loud, were perfect. Nothing was in excess. I have listened for hours on end to these cables, just to figure out if there was something I really didnt like about them, but that didnt happen. These of course are older model cables, that I purchased second hand, just like alot of us, sometimes we just dont have the 2k to throw around to buy the latest that is out there. I based my decision on getting these, because there was practically, if not any hype about them. I am glad I did, and if you are able to get your hands on these, I am sure, they will put a smile on your face, just as they did for me. I hope this review is of some help. I know I have spent lots, just trying out new cables. I can finally say, that my last purchase was well worth it.!

PROS: Excellent build quality, musicality rated tops in terms of vocals, bass, highs, soundstage and precision.One of the quietest cables I have ever used.

Cons: None that I can honestly express to you.


Amplifier: Classe DR2
Preamp: Acurus RL11
CD: California Audio Labs Tempest II Special Edition Tube Player
Speakers: Othello II
Subwoofer: Sunfire DS 8
Cables: Preamp to Amp--- Cardas Clear Light
CD to preamp ---- Siltech SQ28 G5 Rca
Speaker cables ----MIT MH 750CVT
Sub cable ---- Acoustic Research Silver Referance

Cables previously used in place of the SQ28,s

JPS Labs Superconductor 2
Audioquest Anacondas
Kimber Select 1021
Ecosse Le Baton MK II

Fons55   AudioPhile [Jan 24, 2010]

Short review Siltech SQ-28 Classic G5:

After using some onther siltech cables, the older 4-56 and the 4-80 i came to
the present cable the Siltech SQ-28 Classic G5. What a dramati change this cable offers! Its all music,
music and more music.The sound is like you change your amplifier for a very good tube-sound.

I cannot say bass,treble,midrange is better...these items don't matter anymore! It's the whole picture/stage you get from these cables!

I use Onkyo A-9555 amp, Onkyo C-1VL cd player, Linn K400 bi-wire speaker cable and last but no least the in mine opinion one of the best small neutral speakers in the world Acoustic Energy AE-100i. For some extra bass input I use a Rell Q200E. Sound is like heaven!

These Classic cables from Siltech are a must have!

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