RALabs Paradise Cryo Silver RCA interconnect Interconnect Cables

RALabs Paradise Cryo Silver RCA interconnect Interconnect Cables 


Pure silver analog interconnect with WBT Nextgenâ„¢ Ag (silver) Signature RCA connectors.


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[Mar 05, 2007]
Audio Enthusiast


Brings out every last ounce of detail in music. Listen to these cables and the term 'liquid' comes to mind. Fantastic value if bought on the used market. Love the WBT locking connectors.


Expensive when bought brand new. These cables are so good they make me want to try out RAL's digital coaxial cable and component video cables.

Simply put, these are the best sounding interconnects I have ever heard. I bought a used pair of 0.5M lengths (Canadian price) and am running them from the 2 ch output on my Denon 3930CI into my Anthem AVM 30 and they sound fantastic.

I was running Audioquest King Cobras before and they sounded great. As soon as I put the RAL's in, I heard a difference right away. More details came out of the music. I could close my eyes and place every instrument in front of me. The term 'liquid' comes to mind. The music just comes at me in a warm wave. I can listen for hours with no fatigue at all.

I've also heard Audioquest Panther's against the RAL's and the RAL's beat them silly. I haven't heard an Audioquest Cheetah against the RAL's but a friend has and he said hands down....RAL wins.

If I could afford more, these would be my first and only choice for analog interconnects.

Customer Service

Emails to RAL were answered after 3 hours, very impressed.

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