DH Labs Revelation Interconnect Cables

DH Labs Revelation Interconnect Cables 


Enter "The Revelation"....

Six Pure Silver conductors in an interleaved helical array. Each conductor is individually insulated in an air-spaced, tape wrapped version of our exclusive Air Matrix dielectric. The result is a revelation offering "stunning dynamics," and more involvement with your music.


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[Dec 19, 2006]
Gary Holt
Audio Enthusiast


Super clean, and focused. Very fast from the low mids on down. Wonderful custom machined, pure copper locking RCA Connector.


Somewhat stiff, but that's to be expected from pure silver

When doing my "research" on my next pair of interconnects, one name kept popping up, DH Labs. The more I read, the more curious I became. I think the best barometer of a component or cable, is the people who use them. The people who use DH Labs are a "who's who" of the biggest names in pro audio recording from New York, to Nashville to California. I figured there must be a reason why the world best recording engineers prefer these DH Labs cables, so I took the plunge on a set of "Revelation" Interconnects. Not much of a "plunge" really, considering the price relative to other brands. But, DH is not running $10,000 a month ads in Stereophile, so it seems the customer is only paying for the product. And what a product it is.....
The Revelations are clean, FAST, and dynamic right out of the box. These cables make me forget about comparing "this and that", and just enjoy the music. I've tried everything from Nordost to Kimber Select, to MIT, and haven't encountered anything quite so "musical" as these Revelations. Looks like the references from the pro-audio folks were right, and I look forward to trying some other cables from DH soon.

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