Chord Signet Interconnect Cables


  • Silver-plated, solid core signal conductors
  • Matched signal/return conductors
  • Teflon insulation
  • Dual layer high frequency shielding system
  • Low mass silver-plated RCA plugs

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Erazmo   AudioPhile [Aug 05, 2016]

I purchased SIGNET RCA 1m four months ago,how wonderful these cable sounds,very transparent neutral with musical,dynamic and lots of detail impressive,believe me my older cables i was replacing with Signet were not some no name or cheap regular cables,they where very good and they from renown manafacturer,it serves me for many years,I still own them,they only changed position in my system,but I don't want to sold them,I don't wanna judged them and be harsh because they cost less than half price of Chord Signet,But Signet make huge difference to my system,it drew the maximum from it and this makes me happy,curently he is the only Interconnect I'm using for Hi-Fi Stereo,positioned between CD and AMP,after i plugged this cable and burning him about 17 days 24hours non stop playing,belive me he needs that to all clicks at his place,I already have developed strategy how to recognised if cable is wort money you pay for him or not,it's simple,I believe every Audiophile Or Music Lover Who has collection of original CD-s and who know they own system must have in his collection couple CD-s that sounds for him terrible,maybe because of poor production of recorded material,I+ve noticed that if new cable has effect on system good or ''bad'' some of these original CD-s suddenly sounds not so bad moreover lots of them became listenable and very different and exciting for listen, for.example Dynamic is added,Bass suddenly appear from nowhere, soundstage is shaped the space around instruments etc,Chord,Cable Signet is well built quality cable,He is very unusual if you like me and for the first time using some of their flagship models It's very rigid this is the only objection I have for him,if you don't have much space at home,you'll need to make it by moving components at least 0,5m from rear wall to put cable in best position from where he wont be bend too much in fact you cannot bend him he is like a piece of wood, Signet,Signature,Indigo are cables that consist of two cables beside existing ones,purpose of that he is used for signal return it's very unusual to see it,but it's impressive how well he is built I'm amazed with his sound capabilities,sound is like it's supossed to be transparent natural and detailed more dynamic and bass of course if your system is capable of providing it,It completely renewed my system to a whole new level,for me worth every penny,like Chord say ''Moving Sound And Vision'',I completely agree (my system Musical Fidelity M3i Integrated AMP,Marantz CD6004 CD Player ,B&W 683S2 Floorstanding Loudspeakers,Wireworld Main Aurora 5-2 AMP,Stratus 5-2 to Extender WW Matrix 2,Kimber PF14 on CD.

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