BetterCables Blue Truth XLR Interconnect Cables

BetterCables Blue Truth XLR Interconnect Cables 


Our reference XLR balanced cable. Silky-smooth audio using our advanced TFE (Teflon) insulation. A perfect sonic match to our new Blue Truth Speaker Cables. This dual conductor twisted pair (38 individual 99.999% pure Silver coated copper conductors make up the 2 conductors) plus an equally pure Silver coated copper shield will put you in sonic heaven. The hybrid construction gives all of the benefits of silver (dynamic high frequencies) and all of the benefits of copper (deep, tight bass response). Finally, the Blue Truth Balanced cables are hand-terminated with Silver solder.


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[Oct 11, 2006]


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Covers every sound with a metallic tone

I must say, comments from enthusiasts, the quotes from are totally misleading, especially “our cables are no equal at any price” which now I can interpret as “not as good as any cable at any price –no equal”. Their cable does not justify comments reviewers gave. I am not comparing them to higher end cables such as Audioquest, Cardas, nordost or XLO cables. But if I were to choose between monster cable and better cables, Id choose monster cables, which is cheaper and more musical.

After getting rid of my ex-system, before buying new cables, due to my dissatisfaction with my old system, I decided to buy something to fill-in for a while until I find the cables I am looking for. So I bought a pair of monster studio pro 1000 mic(XLR) cable and a pair of Blue truth.
I think the blue truth cable has some resolution, a mild sound stage. It does not sound natural; instead, it sounds hollow, especially in lower frequencies, presenting music with fewer emotions. I find the studio pro 1000 more natural and have more presence across the frequencies, more dynamic and impact especially in the lower frequencies.
To not mention that both these cables are incomparable to cables like Audioquest sky –holographic sound stage, quick and balanced across the frequencies, Cardas Golden reference – natural sound, warmth, Nordost Valhalla – ruthless revealing of every bits of information and detail.

Customer Service

I disliked the blue truth and I called the company to ask them whether if the new silver serpent cable is any better. The responses I got were quite disappointing.
The rep said nothing about the characteristics of the sound nor what changes they made to it except calling the blue-truth silver-serpent. He might as well have agreed with me that it was only a change in packaging. The only things the tech had to inform me was that sound is very subjective (really?), and the silver serpent is at least as good as the blue truth; which I found to be a contradictory statement itself because what sounds good is subjective, different people will find one better then another thus silver serpent would not be as good as the blue truth in some subjective opinion.

I thought monster cable was mediocre, now I have give monster a little bit more respect for making better cables appear much more mediocre.

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