AudioQuest SUB3 3 Meter Subwoofer RCA terminal Interconnect Cables

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SUB3 3 Meter Subwoofer RCA terminal

RCA terminal three silver-plated solid copper conductors (silver layer is 6.1% of total conductor),active Dielectric Bias System eliminates cable "break in" period for consistent performance

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Mr music   AudioPhile [Jul 10, 2013]

First off mine is the 2013 with 72v dbs system in 7.5 meters. Terminated in xlr

Well i own the notorious JL Audio Fathom F113 in a fairly high end Hi-Fi system. I have read other reviews on this cable and really don't think they do it justice, when i plugged this cable in i could immediately tell a difference. This was confirmed on my Velodyne sms-1. with the previous cable i had adjusted the EQ to give a near prefect flat frequency response. Using all the same settings and the sub 3 in place the frequency response changed completely, previously i had to set a very steep roll off above 48hz to stop the above frequency response from cancelling the 70-150hz range and what happened when i put the sub-3 in place? No cancellation what so ever. Personally i think this cable is so fast it has changed the phase relationship (or corrected it) by 180 degrees above 60hz, the bass is so tight it sounds like the bass is coming from my speakers. i have now changed the slope to 6db per octave from 48 and all it does is add to the upper frequency.

Now i use a 80hz cross over frequency with a 6db slope and it sounds outstanding, the sub is now interacting with the midrange by adding weight to the subtlest of woofer notes.
The bass is now what i would call reference. I am hearing well modulated low frequency bass more clear and strong with the upper bass finesse as if its a woofer, it doesn't even sound like a typical sub spilling out low frequency bass it actually sounds like a speaker fleshing out bass from the very bottom to top octave.

When listening to live music the bass comes alive with correct timber which sometimes fools me into believing the sub is off, when i do turn the sub off all the weight and midrange magic disappears , turn it back on again and it just adds to the soundstage with clarity and depth.

So all in all a brilliant cable which i would highly recommend for capable subwoofers and up stream equipment.

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