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Chris Ringwood   an Audio Enthusiast [Mar 03, 1998]

Before I start, 2 things: 1) I fitted the new arm/cartridge to a 13 year old Systemdek IIX which I've been meaning/intending to replace since the day I bought it(!); 2) My benchmark is a LINN/NAIM package which I sold only under duress, consisting of LINN LP12/Valhalla + ITTOK/Koetsu Black T/T rig, SARA speakers; Naim SNAPS/42/160 amps. For me, Nirvana! Yes, folks, another one!Bought the RB300 mail order from UK (1/2 price!: $212) the Green from Audio Advisor, recommend them and the GRADO SR40 portable phones they sent me: treble slightly inferior to the SR80s, WAAAYYYY more comfortable.
1st time I've ever fitted a tonearm, no major problems except for height (ADJUSTMENT-WHAT ADJUSTMENT!) so keep lots of variable thickness washers handy. VTA- trust to luck! Cartridge a doddle- replaced a ZT which subs for a Sumiko Alchemist (cheap moving coils: blech!) on a Profile arm. Used a protractor tho'.
So, fire her up. NICE! No reason I can think of, but way down noise floor and lots more dynamics, well up to hind-quarter booting standards; and yet.....sweeter treble! The characteristic Grado midrange was there: only better. Und ze bottom was tight and well controlled too. My record collection is being worn out again! Not bad for $300 and a day's work. CD's still suck to Moi! Am a cheapskate from way back, but this pleases me greatly, still not quite at the benchmark but neither does $300 match $3000! If there are any Systemdek II owners out there: DOOW IT! You'll be delighted (and I'll be out of the country!). LUV Those Grados. Going to give it 4 stars 'cos of great value and MAJOR improvement over original pkg. Cheers

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