Project 2.0 Classic TurnTables

Project 2.0 Classic TurnTables 


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[Feb 16, 2000]
Mike Evans
Audio Enthusiast


Reproduction quality, line out sockets rather than captured line outs, visual appearance


Lid rings, ugly sub platten

Although I have not seen them side by side, the Project 2.0 Classic is apparantly virtually identical to the Standard Project 2.0 apart from it's finish. I can't be sure, so I'll review it as a different piece of equipment.

On first sight it is the appearance of the Classic that invites further investigation. The MDF Chassis is finished in a luxurious black piano laquer, combined with an etched glass platten. The design is beautifully minimal, with even the stop start switch secreted under the body of the deck. The tone arm and anti skate mechanism are simple in design and easy to use in application. It forms an elegant, if slightly contrasting, addition to my system.

Not having captive line out cables means tunes can be played with cables (depending upon your view as to whether this has an impact; in my listening opinion it does).

With a well recorded LP this deck out performs my CD player that was more than twice the price (and it is a good one). Seperation and imaging are superb, though the performance gap was wider on more acoustic music (Ella Fitgerald or Ray Charles) than Rock (Oasis or Reef for example). The holy grail of the true to life, "in the same room" feeling is really there.

On the down side, the premium over the standard 2.0 does seem a bit steep but then again I don't know the exact differences. That said I still feel it represents good value for money. The sub platten however is ugly, (and of course visible under the glass platten) appearing to be made out of some kind of recycled plastic: It lets down an otherwise extremely good looking item. As has been mentioned on the reviews against the standard 2.0, the anti skate mechanism is somewhat rudimentary in design and setting it up with the right stylus weight can be a bit of a game. Most significantly though it is not possible to play records with the lid down, it rings and resonates terribly.

Sonically, this deck knocks the spots off anything else I've heard in the price range, and most above up to three times the price. It's not the LP12 but then it does not cost as much. And until I can afford one I will be more than happy with it.

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