McIntosh MT10 TurnTables

McIntosh MT10 TurnTables 


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 50,000Hz
  • Stylus: Elliptical Diamond
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminum
  • Body: Ebony wood tone


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[Dec 28, 2018]


Disclaimer: I own the MT5 (not the MT10). There is little to be found in actual reviews of the MT-5, however there are many strengths and equal weaknesses that should be accurately shared. First, you cannot dispute the build quality of the MT5, it's excellent (Clearaudio). When it comes to ease of use, table couldn't be simpler. Tonearm is of superb build quality. Nothing stated above that wouldn't be expected or you haven't already discovered in other threads or debut reviews. It's a fine sounding table once you upgrade the stock cartridge, and overall I'm very happy to have it amongst my McIntosh system.


1.) Tonearm Cue mechanism performance is unacceptable. Frequently gets stuck, gently skates towards inner grooves when lowering the tonearm on inner tracks - which not only endangers the stylus/cantilever (but the RECORD itself). My VPI Classic has a flawless cueing mech - at this price point, I shouldn't even be writing this. My first experience with this issue was on the dealer demo MT5, hoping it was an isolated model with the issue. Mine has developed in the last 1.5 years. 2.) Platter Spindle: This is at least documented on other threads, but not enough. 20-30% of my vinyl does not fit the platter center spindle. How this was ever acceptable and passed QA inspection is beyond me. Frankly, it angers me. There are certain records that I will only play on the VPI. Would you take a chance with your records once they are stuck on the spindle? Mac: Do Better. 3.) Speed Consistency: The MT5 out of the box runs extremely fast, and needs several adjustments to get it 'right'. Even after break in and adjustments, the MT5 was still running slightly fast, and had to be backed down again. Slight inconvenience but was surprised at the lack of consistency (again, given the price point). 4.) Stock feet on this table (for me) have a hard time rejecting low end rumble/feedback - it takes tweaks/adjustments to further dampen the table. Again, never had this issue with my Classic or SpaceDeck. But a small issue - once dialed in the ROI is fantastic from the MT5! 5.) This table should NOT come with a cartridge. The Sumiko Blue is not a cartridge for the MT5. Poor inner groove tracking/distortion. This is not a good match, period. Again, others have covered this. If you purchase an MT5, dump the cart and upgrade immediately for the class of table you're buying. I never could understand the logic on this, unless they are targeting a completely different segment of the community.

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