Denon DP 59 & 59L TurnTables

Denon DP 59 & 59L TurnTables 


Classic Denon Direct Drive Turntable. no longer in production.


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[Jul 22, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


-Top notch analog vinyl playback performance
-Solid stereo image
-Excellent presentation of bass,mids,high frequencies

-Rock steady accurate direct drive and strong torque ,quartz speed controlled motor

-Auto-Lift at end of play and platter stop mechanism to save wear on your stylus and cartridge

-Accurate and adjustable variable pitch speed control

-Even as a used or second hand turntable still provides flawless playback operation (no mechanical or servo issues). Very reliable deck after 20 years.

-Beautiful (and I rarely use this word to describe audio equipment) thick,heavy,gi-normous shiny high gloss plinth in dark cherry/mohogany veneer (or laminate).

-Last of the HUGE Japanese mass market produced turntables built upon high quality standards and a durable reliability factor with impressive sonics


None as far as performance or aesthetics goes.

Caution: Do NOT ever mess with or carelessly chip,scratch, remove, or magnetize the magnetic band strip on the underside of the rim of platter. Also, do not touch or disturb the magnetic speed detector-quartz loop tapehead underneath platter; Doing so will cause turntable to malfunction...It is the ONLY Achilles weakness with this type of Japanese manufactured turntable (Sony and another Japanese audio company also incorporated same system known as X-Tal into some of their models as well that utilized a tape head and magnetic stripping for speed feedback accuracy).----Again, this is really not a design flaw as this method works perfectly and flawlessy for this style of turntable. Magnetic head, over the years, may or may not require a light cleaning with a Q-Tip swab and alcohol to remove magnetic oxide residue and dust---However, the system is pretty well protected and covered (almost air tight) with the platter and dustcover properly in place.

I not only own one but TWO Denon DP 59-L's---Purchased as second-hand audio gear in near mint condition.I have had them now for over 3 years and I must say that in the year 2008, they still sound and perform flawlessly;Something to be said for Denon's design and engineering muscle and ingenuity that went into these turntables(a design frist introduced in 1984 througout 1988, I believe)!...

Aesthetically, their looks are a mixture of days gone by when older turntables had solid wood plinths (though, the Denons are a faux dark cherry laminate or veneer) with modern pleasing soft control buttons and a digital readout speed and pitch display. It's old world meets new;It all works visually. The entire deck weighs about 30-35 lbs.It is not a lightweight by any means and this is NOT the type of turntable you would dare stack on top of another component in a rack system; It requires it's own dedicated space or stand! The wood laminate is a very high gloss mirro-like affair...

Features include a direct drive quartz accurate speed playback system that is monitored or operated using a magnetic imprinted coating underneath the inside rim of it's platter.There is also a magnetic tape head (very much resembling one found in a cassette deck) that keeps the speed accuracy circuitry loop in check.Torque is a lot stronger than in Denon's DP 47F (the later model that would be the succesor to the 59L). I am able to brush a record ann clean it while it is in rotation without causing any devitaions in speed; It stays rock steady.

Soundwise, very impressive indeed. I have mated both turntables with a Shure V15VxMR and a Denon DL 110 high output MC cart. The DP 59-L's tracking and tracing capabilities are uncanny and use servo technology in the tonearm for anti-skating and Q-damping (Q-damping is the electronic-servo means to dampen any tonearm resonances or unwanted vibrations that can muddy the sonics or distort and smear the musical presentation of this fine turntable). There is an auto-lift feature for the arm that will save a stylus from unnecessary wear and tear; A feature most couch potatoes will be thrilled about...Audio stereo stage imaging is very accurate----nothing enhanced or exaggerated.Bass is natural and deep,midrange very admirable and handles both male and female vocals well, and high frequencies are well defined for an overall near perfect audiophile sonic presentation. I say near perfect because nothing is perfect even in the audiophile world...What one may perceive to be perfect may be heard as "different" to another set of ears! The digital pitch control (a Denon first for their turntable line) allows for precise increments of either increasing or decreasing speed differences sometimes found in oddly recorded or mastered albums. Also, the pitch comes in handy for those who may like to play their instrument along with the music on the turntable :) Also,the straight tonearm wand can be easily removed to mount a cartridge of one's choice. The "S" shaped tonearm (which did not come with my turntables) I believe was an optional accesory and used for heavier compliant older cartridges.

To reiterate, Denon pulled out all the stops on this wonderful machine of fine analog reproduction! At first glance it may appear to be too much turntable for some OR it gives the impression it will be a fully automatic complicated laden component; Not so. It is not even considered a semi-automatic because the arm does not return to it's resting position(armrest)---it ONLY lifts up automatically at end of play and the platter stops spinning (A very nifty feature that Technics could pick up from Denon for their 1200 MK2 turntable; just a thought).

One caveat, this is a turntable that can re-sell , and often does on the internet market ,for ludicrous prices. I have personally seen used DP 59L's go as high as $1500 on several online used audio gear websites!

The Denon DP 59L is truly one of the last mass produced Japanese big and heavy turntable decks that were built with high quality and very impressive engineering features in mind!

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