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Cybrow   Audio Enthusiast [Mar 13, 2010]

I picked this up to replace my TX-SR803 which didn't have enough HDMI inputs and lacked support for some of the latest HD audio formats. Worked for about a day before expiring. I bought it online and the only option was to mail it back and then await the refund in another couple of weeks. Circuit City online does not offer replacements saying this is the manufacturer's rules. After setting it up and seeing it work I sold my 803 the next day, then discovered the 807 had died leaving me without a receiver. I really didn't relish waiting 3 to 4 weeks to get my money back then having to buy another unit and wait for that to arrive so I took it the Onkyo repair joint just down the street from where I work. Took just under 3 weeks and it has been working without a hitch now for a couple of weeks.

How does it sound? Great in many of the surround modes and definitely more dynamic than the 803. All those little sounds like birds, dogs or doors closing off in the distance sound much more detailed. I am driving a set of Klipsch RF-7s and an RC-7 up front with RS-52s on the side, RS-3s for heights and rears. I am very happy with the home theater aspect of this unit. It has 6 HDMI inputs and that has allowed me to remove an HDMI switch and eliminate another remote clogging up my coffee table. This receiver lacks an AC outlet on the back which I would use to power on my subwoofer when I fire up the Onkyo. Not sure why they left it out, maybe because the rear is so crowded with connectors. It does run very hot and requires some serious breathing room. Video upscaling seems pretty good but that is going to require a lot of testing to see if it is worth using when my players already do a fine job on DVDs and streamed media.

The remote is nothing to write home about but I have used worse ones. FM reception is fairly sensitive and sounds okay using the supplied cheapo antenna. Music sounds fine too with what little real listening I have done yet. It should be good enough in this regard for most listeners except those who already have a dedicated separates audio system. The main thing here is movie sound tracks in that regard it is very good and does it's job. The right sound track can be spectacular.

It's heavy & bulky but stylish in a brutish sort of way. The display lights can be dimmed in stages which is great for reducing distractions in a darkened room. Set up is a breeze if you have used done this before but I can see it being intimidating for some Joe Sixpacks. Labeling your wiring maze will make all the difference in the world so be sure to do that. It has an ethernet port for firmware updates and various online music services. About the only real caveat is that despite all the speaker connections this in not a 11.2 receiver. If you enable the heights you won't get a separate output for the rears. I have read that the rears will put the same sound as the heights if they are both plugged in but I have not confirmed that. For the price it is very competitive with other top brands in it's class.

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