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Ethan   Audio Enthusiast [Apr 23, 2000]

compact full-featured remote, has plenty of video outputs, supports 2 Kenwood "system control" schemes, doesn't lose presets on power loss


No AC-3, dts support
does nothing while it blinks for 3 seconds every time you turn it on (then works fine)

I bought this as an open box at PC Richard for 160$ on 01/04/98. At the time MSRP was $300.00 - $350.00. Was like new with no signs of abuse and had all documentation/accessories. I have had zero problems - did not have to use the 2-year manufacturer warranty which has just expired.

Unit has Dolby Pro-Logic and is rated for 120 RMS minimum per channel in surround or stereo. Stereo audio inputs include: turntable, cd, video 1, video 2, and tape. That's certainly enough for me. All inputs are RCA's.

One thing I don't get is this: the unit has 2 video inputs (for video now not audio as above) as well as 3 video outputs. Yes that's right: 2 video inputs and 3 outputs. How can it have 2 video inputs and 3 outputs? Makes no sense to me. I can't imagine someone using 3 video outputs..

There is also subwoofer pre-out that has built-in low-pass filter @ 100 Hz. I am not sure if the sub channel will go below 40 Hz but I am guessing no. This is a big question for me as I am about to buy a sub. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

Cool thing about this recever is it has the data link feature ("system control"). This works good with my Kenwood CD changer. Without it I would have to manually change the receiver to "CD" mode whenever I wanted to play a CD. It also allows me to have complete control of both the cd and receiver via the receiver's single remote control. removes clutter. As I understand it, the system control works with only other selected Kenwood components.

By todays standards this unit is kinda old: it doesn't have a single optical/digital, s-vhs or any other of the new kinds of connections. No Dolby Digital (Ac-3) either. This lack of new features doesn't really bother me though, and if someone is trying to unload this unit and it is in decent condition it should be a good buy.

I consider this as a good all around unit.

This unit does not lose a single preset option (not just radio stations) upon power loss (although I've never left mine unplugged for more than a day). The remote is good too, very small but controls a lot.

If you are thinking about getting this unit definetally go to and look at full specs. Also if you have other kenwood components and will use the system control that is a big plus.

please email me if any comments

My system:
Panasonic PV-M2068 (tv/vcr)
Kenwood 107VR as reviewed
KLH Pro Series 21B (speakers)
Kenwood DP-R896 (cd player)
new sub on the way..

Similar Products Used: My brothers Harmon Kardon receiver, older but more powerfull NAD receiver
P. Vinge   an Audio Enthusiast [Dec 27, 1998]

I picked this one up for 99US$ on sale. A whole lotta Radio presets and good reception on the radio part. Theirs plenty of kick for both stereo and pro logic modes, plus it features surround w/ 3 front speakers, SRS 3D, and some other rad stuff. It's chock full of features and the sound is great. Probably not ideal for the audiophile, but for the home theater enthusiast it's perfect...for me anyway.

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