Trafomatic Audio Experience Line One Preamplifiers

Trafomatic Audio Experience Line One Preamplifiers 


Experience LINE ONE

The Experience Line One is the first stereo line preamplifier in the Experience series. It came as a logical extension of the Experience power amplifiers. Consequently, we were challenged with a difficult task of meeting high quality of the existing Experience products. This product, as well as all the previous ones, is built following the principle of using minimum of active parts with the top quality passives. After the long development and multitude of circuit variations The Experience Line One was born. Previous experience has shown that only a no-compromise design is worth the effort and we followed that philosophy throughout this work. Final selection called for a well known double triode 6N1P-EV which has its place among the very best.
The Experience Line One has two 6N1P tubes, one per channel, configured as anode follower. In order to achieve minimum output impedance the two triodes within a single glass envelope are connected in parallel with the added benefit of increased signal linearity. This traced a path for eliminating negative feedback which proved not to be a desirable compromise. Special care was taken to design a high performance power supply, a common trait of all products from The Experience series. Tube rectification followed by a double L-C filter and high quality electrolytic capacitors ensure extremely low output ripple on the anode supply. Rectifier tube is a well known EZ80, indirectly heated. Toroidal transformer improves this section even further, considering its very low fringe magnetic field. Remote control circuit raises the user's comfort level. Input selector is also accessible via the remote handset and volume can also be adjusted via the front panel mounted potentiometer.
The Experience Line One has 5 line inputs, one stereo output and fixed TAPE out.
Elegant design to match The Experience series, this preamplifier calls for attention with his retro styling and sound quality and deservedly strives to occupy a leading spot on the audiophile scene.


Input voltage: 230V (available 115V) 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 30VA
Outputs: Line out and Tape out
Tube complement: 2x 6N1P-EV, 1x EZ80
Input impedance: 47K
Output impedance: 3K
THD: 0.3%, 1 KHz / 4Vef
S/N ratio: 85dB
Frequency bandwidth: 12Hz (-1dB) – 55kHz(-3dB)
Remote controlled select inputs and volume control
Size: 420x320x80 mm
Weight: 7 kg


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[Nov 12, 2008]
Audio Enthusiast


- Delicate design

- Easy to operate

-Nice Tone


-none really

This is the preamplifier in the experience series by Trafomatic Audio. The unit matches excellent with the Experience elegance amplifier. Triodes 2x 6N1P-EV, 1x EZ80 are bases for it's design.

Input sources can be selected between CD, TUNER, TAPE, AUX1, AUX2. the preamp comes with a remote control, a nice + feature which adds some comfortability when operating and enjoying your music time.

the gain is clean and controlled. Modern loud music files , comes out more gracefully and are less fatiguing.

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