Taurus Audio LS-2S Preamplifiers


Tube line pre-amplifier, 5 inputs, 2 outputs

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Yuval   an Audio Enthusiast [Aug 22, 1999]

This is a fantastic tube pre-amp by a small company in Newark, CA. If you are local to the San Francisco bay area, check them out!
I bought mine a year and a half ago with their model 120S power amp. I was comparing the pre- and power amp to the Classe CAP-100, using a Rega Planet CD player and PSB Stratus Gold i speakers.

The Classe was the best I had heard so far in my price range, but one listening session at Taurus changed my mind. Their sound was warmer but clear, and to me they made PSB's nice midrange even better.

Service has been very good. I've had no problems, but they recently gave me a free upgrade (some kind of rewiring) which seems to have improved the imaging a bit.

The only disadvantage I see is that they are very small (their Newark store is the only one that sells their products), and if I did not live within driving distance I might feel apprehensive about buying from a "mom and pop" shop.

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