TACT RCS2.2x Preamplifiers

TACT RCS2.2x Preamplifiers 


The TacT 2.2X Room Correction Preamplifier has been designed in every aspect to be a no-compromise audiophile product.


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[Apr 21, 2003]


absolute linearity, the proverbial straigh wire with gain


be careful of what you ask for, you just might get it... like hanging out with a psychologist who is so absolutely candid and perceptive the mind is forced to exapand to make sense of what it is hearing. This is probably healthy in the long run, but a little overwhelming until one adapts

having listened to Tact evolve over the years I think it is fair to say that they're going someplce with their technology that other manufacturers are having a hard time adapting to. First heard the room + speaker correction in a small room where it was switched back and forth from processed to unprocessed mode. The most distinctive effect was as if there were holes in the sound that filled in although some fineness seemed to be lost in the shuffle. Then I heard the 2002 demo in the big room where the signal was kept digital up to the amp output and the speakers were super-custom tact designs. Under those circumstances it did not sound like any other product in the the audio industry. The shift was more akin to a quantum leap or a wholesale perceptual gestalt change than better in this detail or that detail. Honestly it was somewhat difficult to grasp as all my customary mental parameters for thinking about reproduced music had to be reviewed.

Similar Products Used:

my good old Spectron Musician II is the closest thing in the realm of consensus reality

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