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[Feb 13, 2001]
ben garland
Audio Enthusiast


sound ,openess


small frame build

this unit is truly a excellent buy,my unit uses 6dj8 tubes ,you can also buy a unit that uses the 12ax7 tubes,sound is open almost bloomy,this unit matches well with other quicksilver amps,bass is very good ,mids are clean ,treble is a little rolled off,in comparison to the cj pv 10 ,the quicksilver is a much better sound unit overall ,my only complaint is the size in a shelf it is almost small looking comapred to most preamps.but the sound is excellent ,i uses a quicksilver with the 12ax7 tubes and it is not as good overall sounding as the 6dj8 tubed quicksilver preamp,this unit is a excellent buy for under $1000,i have seen them on the boards for $500-650 and they are well worth that,you will have to upgrade the power cord though,i would say this quicksilver would be above the arc sp9, and the cj 10 preamps,but below the cj 12 preamp when it is working.

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