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David   AudioPhile [Feb 15, 2013]

I'm sorry not to see a review of this preamp, so I'll offer one. I bought my example in non working condition sold for spares. I replaced the caps in the power supply and did the other servicing of components (selected small caps and resistors on the boards) as recommended by Dada electronics. As this was a scruffy example, the switches and pots also needed some good cleaning and lubrication with Deoxit or Servisol.

Result: a fine solid state preamp which sounds good with my tube power amp. I was so impressed by the sound quality that I went out looking for the matching Quad 303 power amp. The build quality is amazing and the DIN sockets are nice and compact when you get used to them. Buy one with a five pin DIN to RCA cable for input and the four pin DIN to RCA output cable and a matching Bulgin power plug if possible. You can buy the parts or finished cables on the net too.

I want to put in a good word for this little preamp as it does not have such a good reputation, but I suspect this is because people are commenting on examples that need new caps (at least). The amp is very easy to service as all the boards can be lifted out. Just use a solder pump to suck away the old solder before replacing components on the PCB. The cost of parts is not high and you end up with a nice compact preamp with phono, CD and radio inputs.

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