Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Edition Preamp LA-300ME Preamplifiers

Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Edition Preamp LA-300ME Preamplifiers 


Joule Electra is introducing a new preamp, The LA-300ME, that incorporates all the features that have made the LA series of preamps the most sought after preamp in Hi End Audio. This preamp is in memoriam to the Co-founder of Joule Electra, Marianne Electra Barber who passed away after a long illness in May a year ago. The new preamp is a highly refined version of the LA-150 which incorporates exotic capacitors through out and signal wiring designed specifically for Joule Electra by well known cable designer David Elrod of Elrod Power Systems. The signal wiring combines a combination of 6 nines silver and copper in a unique transmission line configuration that David has just developed for his premier interconnects. The signal path capacitors are a mix of V-Caps and Mundorf Silver, Gold and Oil which represents the very best capacitors available to the High End Audio Community. The "super chargers" in the power supplies are huge Mundorf M-TubeCap capacitors which combine a high degree of dielectric strength and low residual inductivity. These capacitors can supply, very quickly, extreme peak currents and can be heard and felt.

These dramatic improvements represent a major cost additionto the design and based on the sonic splendor of the new preamp the cost is well justified.The bass line of the preamp has always been one of it's major assets, but now the bass is much crisper and cleaner, more articulate with improved dynamics, slam and extension. The midrange, one of the outstanding features of the LA-150 is now wonderfully fleshed out with a highly organic nature that must be experienced to fully appreciate. The improvement in treble extension and clarity is immediately noticeable with silky highs possessing the gloss and crispness of the original performance.

The LA-300ME is a BOLD NEW PIECE OF AUDIO ELECTRONICS for the discriminating music listener.


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[Jan 16, 2009]


Oh gee - I don't know where to start. I know where to finish. Its representation of LIVE MUSIC is UNPRECEDENTED!!!!!!


may be some in egronomics...

Just a few weeks ago, my system consisted of Marantz-7 SACD player with a BAT REX preamp, Spectron monoblocks with Bybee and V-cap upgrades and my speakers were (and are )B&W 802D. Cabling is by Elrod Power Systems and power conditioner is Hydra-8. However, two months ago, I auditioned prototype of Joule-Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Preamp, LA-300ME, fall in love and wrote check on the spot.

Now, after two weeks I have it, the sound, excellent to begin with, dramatically changed for the better. The highs became something magical, I never heard such before. Totally silky and extended to heaven!!!! The "see thru" soundstage became full of air around and in-between instruments, and soundstage huge to begin with became even more specious! Midrange became "alive" better then in any pre or power amplifier I ever owned or even auditioned, its magic feeling!!!! Base have now both: more authority and startling clarity -. I am not sure I can physically hear very deep bass but I can feel it, my chest is "shaking" my listening chair leather is vibrating etc. I feel it now!.

However, I am a cello player, so the accuracy of the representation is paramount for me. I can hear minute details now {my reference disc is Janos Starker Bach Mercury Living Presence SACD 470 644-2}, which I could not hear before and most importantly, these are true details. It’s the most natural-sounding component I’ve ever heard. It’s timbre is downright spooky – every note is reproduced with a tonal correctness and warmth that is as close to the real cello or piano as I’ve every experienced in live concert. Another attribute of this preamp is vastly improved three-dimensionality of the soundstage representation. Cello was really “there” and to such a degree that it’s simply stunning. When I close my eyes I felt that the instrument is here in the room .

The LA300ME recreation of an orchestra 's sheer size and scale was unmatched by any other component in my experience (may be except Elrod Signature Speaker Cable..). The soundstage has a "see-thru" clarity that made even quit instruments at the back vividly palpable. The instrument placement is done with stunning precision (razor-sharp) and air between them was "seen" or "felt" . In big orchestral climax, the LA300ME was totally effortless and yet composed. Despite this staggering dynamics the presentation has no hyped details or transients. This is more or less accurate description of orchestral presentation of this preamp. It has unprecedented resolution of fine detail yet - you do not hear these details - you hear or you feel the flow of music, you are surrounded by music be it orchestral or solo cello and you can't stop listening - you discover and rediscover your familiar discs again. Oh, boy!...and yes, the magnificent bass, powerful and crystal clear - its not something you would expect from tube preamp.

Instrument's timbre particularly these dominated by low order harmonics were depicted with wonderful warmth , richness, sense of 3D body and presence. The sound had tremendous weight and power in the bottom octaves. I never experienced it in any preamplifier before - and I owned REX by BAT, CAT preamps and auditioned countless others - so POWERFUL SLAM this preamp slam is immensely powerful, and bass is so deep and yet crystal clean. I was feeling the fury of symphonic music crescendo like I was THERE...Also, full body, rich and warm - the bottom end was extremely articulate, with exquisite rendering of texture and clarity of pitch.

The most important characteristic of LA300ME which separate it from anything I ever auditioned is its unbelievable magic ability to remove all these details that I described above from mine and my friends perception and leaving us with a pure music, just MUSIC. May be hugely powerful Spectron monoblocks can recreate similar dynamics and other components can recreate similarly extended highs or spacious soundstage but in sense of the sheer musical involvement, - as a professional musician (and some of my friends also professional or amateur musicians) I never experienced it before nor even close from any "electronics".

I deliberately did not compare it to REX, CAT, VTL 7.5 because I can't - my reference was and is live music. I never expected in my lifetime that I would be able to travel in time and attend musical performances of50's and 60's and be there and experience it time and time again. To finish: to anyone who loves acoustic music (and its not the same as this or that audiophiles attribute by far...) I can't recommend highly enough Joule-Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Preamp LA-300ME.

Customer Service

FANTASTIC !!!!! Simon Thacher formerly from Spectron Audio is now with Joule-Electra and he has enormous patience and enormous experise to help set up the system. He is also musician and tooobie

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