JATON RC2000 Preamplifiers


  • Signal to Noise Ratios: 105 dB
  • Analog Linearity vs. Amp: <0.01 dB, -90 dB ~ +10 dB
  • Volume Range: -85 dB ~ + 5 dB

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Randal Flag   AudioPhile [Feb 22, 2012]

Thmodel here is the JATON RC2000P.  I bought this unit on a leap of fait.  I had long become content with the sound of my current setup.   My setup consisted of Audio –GD power Amp, YS-Audio Symphonies Pre-Amp, The DAC is also by Audio –GD  the MK193 which while discontinued  has a cult like following  and rarely show up on the used market. While I do have a CD player used as a Transport, the main transport is my QA350--SD Card WAV High Fidelity Music Player.  Powering it up and linking things together are Interconnects by Audio Metallurgy   GA-0 with power cords from Signal Cable.  All power being fed via the Monster Reference Power Center HTS 3500 MKII .  Speakers are Monitor audio Monitor audio silver RS 6

A modest setup to be sure.  I only have one entry criteria for any component to grace my system; it must be an over achiever.  If I spend a grand, it must perform at 2 to 3 times it's price point.  I am not made of money, so value is key.  The  Operetta fits the the bill and then some.  In it's own way, it is a odd bird.  It does the impossible.  It is two things at the same time.  It is somewhat tube like in it's presentation, yet at the same time neutral.    From  my point of view this is a contradiction.  Be that has it may, this is the case. Just has many reviewers have pointed out, it just gets out of the way.  Yet at the same time, one could think they were listening to a tube amp. Almost.  It did not make me want to go and re-listen to all my cd's.   I won't say  I heard things that I did not hear before, but I do realize that until now some sounds were a tad obscured on my old pre 
They were now revealed.  Not highlighted, just reveled.    It's a perfect preamp to build on.  Sound stage is wide. Base is well defined. May have to adjust toe in on speakers to get the most depth of sound stage, once done the depth is decent but not outstanding.  I would give it a 7 out of 10 in that department.   Mids are good; and hi-s are good as well.   

If you have a tube amp and want to try a solid state, you might want to give this one a try.  Or even if you just want a good  solid state  pre.   You can spend a grand more but  I doubt it will sound a grand better then this unit.

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