Holfi Pre 8 Preamplifiers

Holfi Pre 8 Preamplifiers 


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[Oct 30, 2005]
Audio Enthusiast


Excellent from high to low! Impedence switching


Balanced xlrs' would have been a real plus.

I had a NEC projector that wouldn't sell so I offered it up for a trade on Videogon for a preamp or amp. I was offered the Holfi Pre8EE, of which I have never heard of. I went to the website and checked out the stats. It retailed for $2400 new so I figured that I could get my money back from this unit quicker that the NEC projector. I offered it on Audiogon and only one person responded and then I never heard back from him, fortunately! I had a ML 27 without the camac adaptors because I was running in a balanced mode with a Krell KRC-2 preamp. I had some cheap xlr-rca adaptors and plugged the Holfi in for a few minutes and reboxed and put it in the garage. I aquired a Krell amp and a couple of months later brought the Holfi out just for something to do. I was stunned! This little puppy was singing! I played disc after disc and did an A and B for hours between the Holfi and the Krell. I did not want to believe that this unknown simple looking black box was beating out my beloved Krell! On the Krell I used Audioquest Cheetah XLR cables, since the Holfi does not have balanced inputs I used some cheap monster cables and it still out-performed the Krell! I put the Krell aside and starting listening to the Holfi. The midrange is incredible on the Holfi. The voices and strings come out in massive detail. One particular artist, Al De Meoli, brought so much emotion to the music I thought I had died and gone to audio heaven! On various songs the cello comes into play and and it sounds so sweet and realistic that it brought about all kinds of different emotions, which is what music is supposed to do. Krell is known for it's "bass slam" but the Holfi produces a very nice deep and rich bass. I have found some Stanley with Al De Meoli and the bass lines that Stanley plucks out comes out with a nice chest thump to where you can feel the music. The highs are nice and clean and airy. I am really dumbfounded with this unit! I have traded out both Krells, amp and preamp, for a Jeff Rowland Model 5 which I expect to get next week. (11-05) It was hard at first to let the KRC-2 go, but after extensive listening there really is no comparison! The Holfi also has dip switches for impedence adjustment to signal source adn cables. It goes from 800 Ohm to 25KOhm so you can adjust your CD player for maximum playing ability and detail. It incorporates an internal battery which helps deliver the best signal to noise ratio to the power supply. The battery is maintaince free and is constantly charged. This puppy just does everything right!

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