Gemini-Sound PA-7000 Preamplifiers

Gemini-Sound PA-7000 Preamplifiers 


Gemini’s PA-7000 is a Rackmount Preamplifier with 4 RCA inputs and ¼” mic input that brings an element of warmth and “hi-fi” to a DJ or club rig, while adding a 3-band EQ for more control over your sound! The PA-7000 also comes with one-touch controls for Mono operation, Mute, Low Cut, and Loudness feature to quick and easy audio alteration on the fly!

* Pre amplifier with volume control, 3 band equalizer
* 4 inputs + 1/4” mic input with level control
* Mute, low cut and loudness feature

Unit Dimensions: 19” x 1.75” x 9.75” (483 x 45 x 248mm)
Weight: 8.2 lbs. (3.7kg)
Shipping: 9 lbs. (4kg)


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[Aug 13, 2010]

Let me start by saying that I prefer stereo channel sound(not the HT surround stuff - keep it simple).
My system comprises of NAD CDP, Parasound 1000 Power Amp, and Dynaudio Audience 52 all connected by QED wiring.
The Parasound amp has line level adjustment and I used that for quite sometime, but when I got my PS3 and Upgraded to an HDTV I suddenly had a lot more input sources, and so began my search for a relatively modest Pre-Amp.I scoured the internet but all I could find were Pre-amps costing $400+. I then came across the Gemini PA7000. I always asociated brands like Gemini, Pyle, M-audio and the like to mass produced crap from china.... Boy was I wrong on this one. Firstly the Price caught my attention 90 bucks only....u got to be kidding me.
I downloaded the manual and read all of the specs.... seemed to good on paper, but since I had not heard anything drastically bad about the Gemini I placed an Order (hoping if it were bad I would do a return).
On Arrival, first thing I noticed that 'Hey this thing may look slim, but it definitely has good weight'.... Translation -- Heavy=Good. This pre amp was a 'god sent' in terms of handling the inputs, plus it has 2 line level o/p. So naturally one goes to my amp and the other to a sub-woofer(future upgrade). The second thing I noticed was the Volume control was the notched resistor type. These type of controls are Really good not to mention expensive (usually found in high end equipment). So for the next 1 month began the break in process. Now after 1 month I can truly say that this is an absolute gem (hidden gem in the audio world).
I have friends who have spent $2k on just power cables, (imagine their reaction when they heard the $90 pre-amp.... This cannot thing cannot be costing $90 bucks).
The Imaging is great with Diana Krall's Voice absolutely centered. Soundstage is good not the most expansive (remember mine is a modest system in total). The controls are absolutely great on this preamp. The Bass, treble and Mids are all center notched. But I usually never bother changing these from their default centered setting to keep the music uncolored. Recently while still fine tuning my setup I hit the loudness button(I usually keep away from these kind of DSP settings). But the loudness setting on the Gemini was like lifting a Heavy curtain from the music. My Dynaudios are rated to go down to 52hz, but the Loudness button definitely bought out note notes in the mid 30hz range and the Treble was crisp(little more emphasis),but mids were turned down. So naturally I turned down the Treble and increased the mids ever so slightly to flatten out the response. I now have a grin whenever I am listening to my system. I am hearing more detail on the 2Khz + range not to mention my speakers are now digging deeper into the lower octaves.
For movies this pre-amp works equally well. I just got hold of the Terminator 2 Blu-ray. WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!
Ditto with the LOTR trilogy.
Hey, If you are still reading u know by now that this amp is a keeper, do urself a favor try out this pre-amp... dont like it-->return it, IMHO its the Best $89 I have spent on audio....CHEERS!!!

PS: If you turn the Vol know beyond the 2o'clock position there is a slight hum.... I tested this by keeping the CDP on mute.... Else for normal playback/movies I never have to go beyond the 11o'clock position, so this is a non-issue for me.

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