GamuT Audio C2R Preamplifiers

GamuT Audio C2R Preamplifiers 


  • 4 RCA stereo inputs, 1 XLR balanced stereo input
  • 2 parallel balanced XLR outputs, making bi-amping easy.
  • 1 RCA unbalanced stereo output
  • 1 RCA record unbalanced stereo output
  • High-quality engraved text panel.
  • Internal MM/high output MC board optional.
  • Optional remote control of volume level and input.
  • Level control implemented with motor-driven high quality ALPS potentiometer.
  • Inputs selected using high-quality NEC EA2 relays.
  • Electronics built using the new Burr Brown OPA2134 special op-amp optimised for audio.
  • To ensure best audio performance, the recording output has a buffer op-amp, so loading from the recording machine does not affect the main signal path.
  • The RCA unbalanced output has also a buffer amplifier, keeping it independent of the balanced XLR out put. So the loading of the RCA output does not reduce the balanced output’s common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR).
  • Bypass-function means that an XLR input is sent directly to XLR output, and all other circuits are bypassed. This allows a CD player or DAC with level control to drive the power amplifiers directly, without moving cables.
  • The GamuT C2R is a relatively low cost solution for owners of very expensive CD playing systems, who want to add a FM tuner or other secondary sources, and still keep a direct path for the CD signal.
  • Specifications:
  • Frequency range 20-20kHz +/-0.1dB
  • Distortion less than 0.001% mainly 2nd harmonic Noise better than 100 dBA ref 2 Volt
  • Gain 6dB
  • Input impedance 40 kOhms balanced XLR
  • Input impedance 20 kOhms RCA
  • Output impedance 150 ohm balanced XLR
  • Output impedance 75 ohms RCA


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    [Nov 19, 2007]


    Balance of all audiphile virtues
    Plays all kinds of music
    True balanced ins and outs
    XLR Bypass
    Plenty of ins/outs
    Excelent value for money
    Discreet aesthetics


    Very slightly cool sounding
    Reliability issues ( relays)


    I bought this unit used, in mint condition. It has a very interesting combination of features, sound and appearance, for what is a very modest outlay if you consider what it does ( even at its new price).
    The most notable quality of this preamp is also its weakness for some: all the attributes I mentioned earlier are so evenly distributed, some will find themselves wanting to stretch the equation towards some of the areas they value most.. But if you want a flexible, feature loaded , balanced preamp of true altough not ultimate high-end,, that ticks all the boxes and for a fraction of what other manufacturers do, then this one is a no brainer.
    I use it with my ML 29, and it works fine. I would not pair it with a ragged/thin sounding power however as it might sound a tad thin and wearing.Stick to class A, very clean but full sounding SS, or good quality tubes, and you will be fine.
    As I said, this one can sound boring in description , but it isn´t..It has pace,dynamics, delicacy, definition, soundstage and harmonic richness in quantity and quality you should not expect at this price (2400 euros new), without being an mind-blowing overachiver at any of them, but managing a supreme balancing act. You just can`t complain about what´s on offer, but if you want to tilt your system towards warm and cuddly, or lusciuous and ripe and juicy you might want to go elsewhere, as this is ever so slightly towards fresh and clean biased.
    My unit has been improved professionaly with a new power supply, and gained and extra layer of definition, and especialy better dynamics. If you buy used, just check that the every input is working fine-some of the relays may have become stuck and need replacement ( cheap and quick fix ).
    If you peak inside, you will find a very simple but irreprehensibly layed out and implemented design with top notch components throughout - its professional origins show, with no amateurism or nonsense exotic parts, just the best industry has to offer.
    XLR works a treat, with better bass an blackier background, and you have turn the volume up as the gain is lower than average, a good thing if you also like to hear at low level as the pot is always working in the most linear and perfect chanel balance area.
    You can also improve things if you get a better power cord.Stock is just O.k, but get something better, it is worthwhile, and be sure to check polarity( Supra lowrad as minimum, Kimber 4TC ok, stuck with Audio Agile, excellent here).
    Another simple, cheap and effective upgrade is removing the stock power fuse and replace it with good quality ones- HI-Fi tuning for example sells them.

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