Blue Circle Audio CS Preamplifiers

Blue Circle Audio CS Preamplifiers 


  • Ultra wide linear bandwidth
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • Airborne wiring technique
  • HEXFred ultra high speed smooth recovery rectifiers


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[Nov 21, 2005]


(NSCS) Everything. The most musical and glorious piece of gear from top to bottom. Tube lovers will love and sell their tube amps believe it or not. Purity of sound combined with the excitement of beign there with the band. Classical and jazz listeners this is one of the best.


For some not the last word in immediancy. No, the electric guitars will not jump out in your face with more distortion and forwardness. Be ready for long listening sessions.

For NSCS (the 110W version): This is the best integrated amplifier I listened since a long time. Starting with the specs: 600VA transformer, 100000uF capacitor. Shallco stepped volume. Balanced output , balanced pre-amp stage. Sounds top class? The sound: If you ever imagined the sound of a KT88 or 6550 tube amplifier (ala Audio Research) with top bass control, absolutely top image focus, unbelievable soundstage and life-like dynamics, height and depth of sound but never in your life found such amp , PLEASE listen to this amplifier (NSCS). First, this amp made sound come from INSIDE of the speaker with absolute control and helped the speakers to disappear just like this! It is one of the BEST amplifiers money can buy at any price with some rare and magical qualities that never before found together at any price range. The amp had one of the best precise soundstage regardless the price , you cannot find such magic, lifelike weight and height of sound, precision ,drive , dynamics, neutrality and musicallity together. I combined this amplifier with Proac speakers and Cardas neutral reference interconnect (needs a lot of break in about 300 hours). The results are mounth opening. Its a must for classical and jazz lovers, it surpasses everything I heared regardless price or aspect (hybrid, tube). Midrange purity and stability , boldness with huge amount of detail and depth (without sacrifice of other aspects) ended the search for the perfect tube amp. Bass control: check. World class hi-freq.: check. Grain,glare and edge: nowhere. Listen to Pink Floyds 'Marooned' Feder guitar (CD: Division Bell) purity, magic, depth, guts and glory. Not a hint of grain. Listen to Telarc's Mozart's Magic Flute. Like been there in a wooden opera stage. Listen to Eric Dolphy Out for lunch - be there with him in the studio. This solid state is the best I heared at any price range. NEVER sounds compressed . The percussion have not at all extra shine or brightness related with s-states. This amp won't do tricks to open your mouth with fake bombs of immediancy effects or front-sounding unnatural blasts, many times related with immediancy or resolution. Purity and control combined with dynamics and rare magic is the amp's 'tricks'. Top class imaging, triple check ! Happy listening, your hi-end search just ended.

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