Accuphase C-2110 Preamplifiers

Accuphase C-2110 Preamplifiers 


  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
  • Separate power transformers for left and right channels
  • Independent phase selection for each input position
  • Logic-controlled relays for shortest signal paths
  • Tone controls designed for optimum sound quality


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[May 13, 2015]
Audio Enthusiast

Very fine, handcrafted pre-amp from the legendary japanese brand.

It was meant to be an introduction product in the accuphase world, because the separate elements where incredibly expensive in those times (only the 24 and 28 series existed regulary until then) and he was a big hit for that.

The sturdyness of this pre is astonishing, the crafting is first class and I can really write that, on this point, he's better than the E series. When you handle it daily (it's my case) you can really see when Accuphase start to do "not so sturdy things"... typically, the E-600.

Each channel are separated and have their own transformator (sorry for my bad english there). So you will be able to make a real double mono set through him. He can be uprgraded with two cards (usual accuphase option), but I really don't use it. Be aware that he only has a single pair of xlr in and outs. It's a real downpoint if you have, like me, a lot of studio gear you want to conect on him.

Another downpoint is the heavy weight of him and the great dimensions of this element. In Europe, we tend to have "not so deep" furniture, because our flats are generally tinyer. So you will need to be careful in choosing the right furniture for holding him.

If I'm putting my C-2110 to a serious chain, and compare it to a E-360 and E-460 on a concurrent chain, all this in professionnal studio and with perfectly matched volume levels, I can't clearly hear a true difference. The three compete to highest levels in the hifi olympic.

The main reason why I choose him is taht you will be able to find him at a very attractive price, even if you put 1000 bucks for finding a good "non voodoo" amplifier to pair with, you would never be able to handle a serious E-360 for that few money.

For the sound, it's simple. He's fast, able to reproduce the slighest details without making it more beautiful and without destroying it. It makes everything you will listen to very lively. Guitarists appears in the listening room, you can hear tiny details, putted there from the sound engeneer (like pan plays with the compression or details that are projected over your head for giving you a better immersion).

When you listen to all kind of musics like me, it's the gear you want to have in your living room.

A fine pre for a good price on the used market. Like always, I would never go the full Accuphase price. They are crazy.

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