Thorhauge Audio I270 Integrated Amplifiers

Thorhauge Audio I270 Integrated Amplifiers 


The amplifier is coupled ultralinær. Inlet tube is Sovtek ECC 83 Driver tubes are Electro Harmonix 12BH / 7. The eight EL34 outlet pipe is from EH or JJ. The power supply consists of a transformer at 500W and a battery of capacitors in 4080 ugh. which is substantial in a tube amp. This ensures a powerful reproduction with immense headroom.

Data: Tubes - Input: Sovtek ECC 83 Driverrør: Electro Harmonix 12BH / 7 Outlet pipe: AH / JJ EL34 Output: 2 x 70WATT Power / Idle: 260w. Maxforbrug: 450W. Incoming impedance: 50k.ohm Bandwidth: 15hz - 50kHz - 1dB v.10w.ud


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[Jan 27, 2011]

Warm,big,forgiving nice and comfortable sound.

All focus is on making the sound very comfortable so that sound never is sharp or hurried or harsh.
(that means you can crank the volume mega high up :-)

Because of the above it handles silvercables extremily good;
where amplifiers that are more neutral and intelligent reveal more faults.

Thorhauge is basically about the soul of music.

The are far from the best in theses departments:

2.Space definition
4.Stereo image

treb-mid-bass are melted together to give a more warm and fuzzy big laidback experience.

This is laid back tube music. (totally opposite of EAR amplifiers)

You can pay 2xmore for an amp and then get a mcintosh mc275.
It has more muscle and definition and better tone and is alot more real and correct.

I am guessing that if you replace the standard tubes, that the sound could free up. (haven´t tried this yet)

A steal for the price, but pay 1-3000 dollars more and you got something alot better generally.

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