Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated Amplifiers

Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated Amplifiers 


  • Powerful high current design
  • 48 amps peak to peak current delivery
  • Moving magnet and moving coil phono stage
  • Fully dual mono circuit topology for better transient attack
  • Sophisticated circuit design resulting in exceptionally low distortion
  • Separate transformer windings for the preamp stage
  • Huge power supply and sturdy chassis


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[Jun 08, 2005]
Audio Enthusiast


Sonically accurate at all frequencies. Highs are crystal clear. Bass is powerful and tight (No boom). Midrange "to die for".


Long break in, but really not a weakness. Unforgiving to badly recorded or badly mixed CD's, but really not a weakness.

Hats off to Antony! This amp has the best of both worlds; the power and speed of SS and the liquidity of tube amps. Have auditioned Legacy Classics and Thiel CS1.6's and the A308 makes both these highly accurate speakers "sing" on their strengths. Bass is powerful and tight, highs are absolutely the best I've heard from any amp at this price point. It's midrange is "to die for", especially evident when using the Legacy Classics. The A308CR CD player is the perfect source component for this amp and to make the midrange a tad sweeter I added a Musical Fidelity X-10V3 Tube Buffer stage between the two. Reviews from British audio mags say it all about this amp. Overshadowed in US reviews by the NU Vista and Tri Vista rage. The Musical Fidelity electronics setup will be my reference for some time and they are IMO the best "bang for the buck" components in audio. If interested the amp is available on Audiogon for around $2000 used, which is an absolute steal! Again hats off to Antony and his amazingly affordable product line at Musical Fidelity.

Similar Products Used:

Parasound Separates Auditioned Rowland, Bel Canto,PS Audio, Marantz, Creek,etc. All more forgiving to source material if that's your cup of tea (Brit humour)! Edge and Coda are closest in sonics.

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