Marantz PM6002 Integrated Amplifiers

Marantz PM6002 Integrated Amplifiers 


The latest integrated amplifier built by the Marantz audio development departement is the the PM6002. This new amplifier, which has technologies based on the famous OSE amplifier series, has taken integraded stereo amplifying a new step further. With only 2x 45W output, fast current delivery, customised audio components and a large toroidal transformer, the PM6002 gives an even tighter bass, clearer stereo images and a wider sound stage than it’s predecessors. Original features such as 6-line audio input including phono, two-pair gold plated speaker connection with the convenience of bi-wiring connection are still available ofcoarse.

* Solid output power 2 x 45 Watts
* Low impedance Toroidal transformer for instantaneously current delivery capability
* Power supply with 2x 10,000uF customized main capacitors and Shottky diodes
* Customized audio components for best balanced audio
* Fully symmetrical circuit architecture
* Two pairs of heavy gold plated speaker terminals - output A/B
* Six audio outputs including phono (MM) and full recording out selector
* Headphone output
* Solid metal front and rigid chassis construction
* Dedicated remote and Marantz D-bus


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[Feb 06, 2023]


the tape between them will be hold firmly enough onto the heads. So there's less tape hiss. I also use 25micron thick tapes, such as the Maxell 25-120. They are left undamaged. With this deck you can play the thinnest tapes available, without worrying about damaged or torn tape edges. San Mateo Mobile Truck Repair


None . .

[Apr 20, 2008]


-Detail resolution is brought out clearly
-Warmth and authority, whilst remaning balanced
-More than powerful enough.
-Not a bad soundstage!
-Well built.


-Bass may be disliked by some as its quite 'fat' sounding.
-Quite big in actual size.

I shall start by saying that this model was released back end of 2007, not 2006 and I paid £230/$460. Prior to owning my pm6002, I had a cambridge audio 540a. It drove my monitor audio br2s. Whilst that wasnt a bad amplifier with a nice spacious soundstage, it just isnt a match for the Marantz.
Bright sound is a characterstic I didnt like in my cambridge, I tried everything to get rid of it, cables, precice frequency dipping with different octaves through hardware accelerated effects and none of it worked, so I went to my dealer. I wanted to demo the Nad C315 but it wasnt in. I demo'd the pm4001 and pm6002 from Marantz. Sound was pretty much the same, the pm6002 with maybe a little more bass. Price was £70 difference and the pm6002 had upgraded custom capacitors, a tad more power and to give it some credit, hadn't been on the shelf for long so wouldnt have had time to burn in. It was also on offer, with £70 off rrp.
I compared the amplifier to an arcam a65+ just for measure, the Marantz was simply better with the BR2s, detail was so apparent and the sound was warm and full bodied. Just for information, I dont use a cd player, I use a professional 2 channel soundcard.
One of my objectives in buying this amplifier was to elliminate the need for a subwoofer, which it has done. The bass is the tricky part in this amplifier-it can be slightly bloated, whilst it remains very quick its still nice to listen to. Personally, I have the loudness button on so lower bass octaves are accentuated, then using tone controls I turn the bass down to 9 o clock. This allows for the bass to remain balanced but deep at the same time. Sound, with no loudness buttons and tone defeat on, is excellent in itself, very similiar to as described above just with less bass authority.

I cannot believe the difference it has made, the Marantz is a synergetic amplifier for the BR2s. Best of all is the amplifier keeps getting better, the soundstage is opening up more. All music I listen to is simply more enjoyable. Metal and Rock have authority it didnt have. Classical is stunning. I've had the amp for just 2 days so far.

Customer Service

Have not yet used.
But 3 year standard warranty on amplifier.

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