Magnum Dynalab MD 309 Integrated Amplifiers

Magnum Dynalab MD 309 Integrated Amplifiers 


  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 110dB, A Weighted
  • Input Impedance: 10K
  • Output Sensivity: 1.2V RMS
  • Dynamic Headroom: +3dB
  • Dimensions (W.D.H.): 19" x 20" x 6.5"


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[Feb 05, 2012]

I have to share something special !!

I have used this unit for over a year now .

The sound of this integrated will surpass most separate systems .

Not sure why its so inexpensive as to get this kind of sound you have to spend over 20 K for sure.

Its Very Dynamic and has tons of power.

The magic is in the usage of the tubes in the 309 . I think the hybrid design covers both even and odd


The unit sounds great out of the box However having said that after about 200 hours it will make you cry .

I have compared side by side my old Classe set up and this single chassis unit . Well lets just say it was no

contest .

This unit was MUCH more musical not to mention Dynamic range .

Bass is tight and goes low but controlled like Krell amps but this unit has SOUL .

The Midrange so magical its not even comparable the 309 plays live music while the Classe is just stereo

sound .

You have to audition this unit . ITS A MUST .

It will drive any speaker system and drive it good . Its rated at 450 W per channel but sounds much more.

Its built like a tank , must be around 60-70 lbs .

Magnum is First Class Quality everyone knows that .

I use a CD source and their DAC is Extremely musical .

I compared my Levinson DAC which sounded good but did not have the timbre and resolution of the MD 309!!!

When you listen to Piano or Female Vocals its ALIVE .

I think once again its because of the tubes i the design .

Regular CD s sound like good vinyl , Reference CD s sound better than any vinyl I have heard in my life .

When Magnum guys stated Evolution on their web they really meant it .

Amazing value as this replaced my DAC , Pre and main amps not to mention all cables too .

ONE complete properly designed and matched unit .

No cables No fuss.

I just can not think of any negatives .

Give it a quick listen and than go back home and compare for yourself.

Happy listening

[Oct 06, 2011]
Robert Jones

In regards to the sonic/musical aspects, how to be objective and describe something that meets all of my preferences and is able to move me in both mind and heart. Simply put it is a very musical amp -detailed yet not thin, sharp nor aggressive, brings out whatever level of bass that one’s respective speakers are capable of, very fast and dynamic with just the right amount of air and atmosphere. In addition, the tonal balance of the music stays the same even at low volume levels -this is a real benefit and one that is rarely available. Furthermore, one need not sit with one’s head in a specific vice-like grip position. Overall, I couldn’t even think of what more to ask for - it is a beautiful piece of audio gear and after 2 years still in love..

Two points to note: mine is a Special Edition (I kept the thick faceplate and curved sides but, did away with touch screen and went with 209 layout); I bought after my final two selections Magnum Dynalab and NAIM pre and 250 came.

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