Holfi Integra 2.5.1 Integrated Amplifiers

Holfi Integra 2.5.1 Integrated Amplifiers 


  • True high end music reproduction
  • 2 x 100 Watts integrated amplifier
  • Heavy and overdimensioned power supply capable
  • 35 Amperes peak


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[Mar 31, 2007]


Super solid built
High end Sound
"Future safe" since there is no DSP in the amp


If anything i would have liked a few more Watts , butt the ones that i have are Quality watts

I was so impressed with Holfi at The HIFI expo in Stockholm (2007) that i imediatly started looking for a Holfi INT 8S integrated amp. I ended up with the "big brother" after a good deal second hand.

The INT 8S and the Integra 2.5.1 is basicly a 2 channel integrated amp with additional 3-pre amp channels for the multi channel. There is no Processor modes or anything "digital" in the amp all of that has to be taken care of by the DVD or the SACD. It is a solution that suits me perfectly , I listen mostly to Stereo (2 channel) Music but still likes to here Dark side of the moon or a good movie in full Multi channel without loosing anything in the 2 channel sound

Holfi amp is extremly soldt no "gizmo" built. There is almost no features at all , but the SOUND is out of this world great. It is somewhere between nutral to warm sounding.

I came from another Danish brand , Thule , which i can't recomend to anyone , even though they sound great , i had so much problems with ther amp , and ended up having to throw it away , it was not possible to reapair it . I found that to beunbelivable on High end Hifi.

Now I'm glad over Thules shortcomings since i found something much better in sound and quality.

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