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The Exposure 2010 is a very good amplifier.Having a powerful bass,forward and exciting,but refined as well.Sounds a lot more powerful than the rated 50wpc.The s version sounds different but not better.This is a great buy used and very hard to beat for the price

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Rrandy   Audio Enthusiast [Sep 12, 2009]

A great value, especially on the used market. This 50wpc solid state integrated is MUCH more muscular than the 50wpc solid state integrated it replaced in my system. Soundstage is deeper with instruments placed more specifically. This is the first component I've owned that is so revealing. Thin recordings are revealed for what they are. Over emphasized bass is faithfully reproduced. On my Teldec vinyl of "Them featuring Van Morrison" it sounded like there was a "Subwoofer Suburban" parked next to my house! But on great recordings, such as my "Stereo 360" vinyl of "Blonde On Blonde", I'm hearing finely etched percussion sounds I've never really noticed before, with Bob's voice perfectly centered in the soundstage and out in front of my Mission 774 speakers.

Cosmetically, this integrated wins me over with its cool silver aluminum faceplate, nice knoberry, and very bright blue lights for the power indicator, volume, and selector knobs.

Includes a remote control with volume, mute and selector for the 6 line level inputs. It also works with Exposures CD players (A future upgrade for me). A must for me was pre-out RCAs. Speaker outputs accept bananas only, but that doesn't matter to me as I see a power amp in my future (likely another Exposure product!).

This amp is lately getting over-shadowed by the newer "S" version that's winning accolades from the audio press, but for much less dosh, a used 2010 is a super bargain! Good luck finding one!

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