Ayon Audio Orion II Integrated Amplifiers

Orion II

  • Tube Complement: 4 x KT88
  • Load Impedance: 4 & 8 Ohms
  • Bandwidth: 15Hz - 50kHz
  • Input Impedance at 1 kHz: 100 KO
  • NFB: 0dB

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S   AudioPhile [Mar 25, 2013]

I don't even know how I can describe how much joy this amp sings to me... Its worth every nickle and dime compared today's standards and over hyped products, this has no hype just a very honest company worth bragging about. You will not find a better inter-graded for this price. Open clean very dynamic and if you put your ears up to your speakers its almost dead silent. My speakers are 90 db. 8ohms, now how many tube amps can do that? Bass is better than my Parasound Halo A 23.. now I know its much cheaper in price but its a solid state amp with a very good track record and I am proudly saying the Orion can smoke just about any solid state I know in the bass depart when it comes to pure organic magical sound, oh and its highs are way better of course. I owned over a hundred amps and preamps over the past years and I believe my Orion can toast many in the 5 thousand range. The distributor there in Arizona(USATUBE) were very confident and that made me a little iffy but when I felt their energy it felt really honest.. and they certainly were honest.

They didn't rush me off the phone when I tossed so many questioned at them. They were 100% sure I wouldn't send it back to them and they were right. Three weeks late I bought a CD player from them and yet again simply breath taking. Thanks Ayon and Paul and Shelly... you guys are great. :O) I purchased this in 2013 I think this came out after 2010.

Thank God I didn't buy from Upscale Audio for other reasons I will take on at another day, I'm sure there are many people that feel the same way.

I am not getting paid by anyone to write this review.. I just love a quality product along with some down to earth people without a snobby cocky behavior.

Thank you Ayon and the guys in Arizona

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