Accuphase E-600 Integrated Amplifiers

Accuphase E-600 Integrated Amplifiers 


  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
  • Output stage with triple parallel push-pull power MOS-FETs
  • Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths
  • Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors
  • Numeric indication of volume level


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[Oct 19, 2014]
Audio Enthusiast

This is the very new class-A integrated from Accuphase of the year 2014 (wasn't able to select more than 2010 in the "product model year" section).

This Accuphase is really well liked in Europe, and specially in France, where tube amps and other class-A amps are more liked that usual class-AB integrated.

Appearance is golbally sturdy. I regret the plastic buttons hidden behind the front tray, and I regret that the volume knob and source knob are going back in quality. If compared to a C-2110, you can clearly see how they are starting to go back in size and quality. Accuphase, STOP.

A great downpoint for me is the absence of the classical Vu-Meter, that is, for me, something that is so natural to be on an Accuphase that the red colour on a Ferrari.

I tested this integrated amp on a Triangle Magellan Quatuor speaker with DP-410 CD Player.

I wasn't so charmed of it. But why ?

I like really natural sounding reproductions. It's what I like in Hi-Fidelity.. when the sound his highly near to a true mastering signal, I'm loving it.

And this amp, combined to the chain, wasn't able to do that. It was already better than with the A-65 power amp. But, although here, the bass wasn't well reproduced. It didn't boomed anymore, but it wasn't really that detailed and controlled in the reproduction. This tend to make the reproduction less mighty and eat some dynamic, because the fundation of the sound is not there. It could really ruin a good heavy rock track.

The mediums was really good, but, although here, I find that the reproduction wasn't staged correctly. It seems that some details are lost and other jump on you, what will not happen if you hear your recordings on an active midrange-mastering monitor. So, something is changed and it not always help to reproduce reality.

But sometimes, those changes could bring good results. On some Pink Floyd, Folk, some classical soloists, or some more tender musical material, it really brings something that helps to make it sound vibrant. Even if it's untrue, it's good sounding.

Globally, I would not buy this integrated. Because he's more expensive that his more correct sounding fellows. But it's my own taste. I want an amp that can help me to enjoy every recording material I like, and they are a tons of. But somebody will probably find exactly his imperfections to be what he was searching.

A matter of tastes in the end.

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