Accuphase E-450 Integrated Amplifiers

Accuphase E-450 Integrated Amplifiers 


The E-450 succeeds the highly popular and successful Accuphase model E-408. It reflects latest research breakthroughs and features the innovative AAVA-II volume control principle. Only top-quality parts are used throughout its sophisticated circuitry. The overall result is an integrated amplifier that brings out even the most delicate nuances in the music with breathtaking immediacy.
The AAVA volume control principle developed by Accuphase totally revolutionizes the way that the listening volume is adjusted. However, in its initial form, AAVA required a considerable amount of physical space. With AAVA-II, Accuphase has now taken this principle to the next level, delivering the same peerless performance in a more compact form factor.


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[Dec 27, 2008]


Powerful yet delicate. Timbral accuracy. Transparent, huge soundstage - front and back. Very natural sounding, with a touch of midrange sweetness. Refined. Built to last. Your son will get to inherit it! Extremely musical! Easy to use. Comprehensive manual. Plastic caps provided for unused rear inputs! Definitely a pedigreed amplifier. Sounds better than many pre/power I have owned or heard. Accuphase don't upgrade often but when they do its usually because of some significant improvement. Owners tend to be very loyal to the brand. Makes you forget about audiophile terms and simply encourages you to enjoy the music.


No standby switch - only on or off. Wish there were lights on the volume control to show the volume dial (oddly, the source selector has a red light indicator but not the volume control).

I may not have heard all the available integrateds out there but can safely say that I have heard a fair number. The Accuphase E-450 is the most musical integrated amplifier that I have had the privilege to hear (and now own). It is powerful but can be delicate. It portrays the musical landscape in a very natural way with superb balance between high and low frequency. It simply sounds natural and very neutral! Once you own an Accuphase. chances are you will keep it for ages. It is built like a tank but it is refined. Controls are encased but at the push of a button, the cover opens to reveal the controls. Only the Volume and Source selectors are visible. The lighted dual dB meters and the green Accuphase logo is simply gorgeous, especially at night when all the lights are off except the Accuphase's! The midrange has a certain sweetness, reminiscent of the best tube amplifiers. It plays all kinds of music with great finesse. The presentation is effortless and relaxed (not laid back). It gives the impression that it has huge power in reserve but quiet passages are handled with superb delicacy. Think of a Lexus, the power and the refinement. It has 8 binding posts (speakers A or B or A and B). It has a headphone jack. Remote control comes as standard and controls source and volume (CDP if you have an Accuphase CDP). The rear also has 2 slide in ports for DAC, phono or extra line levels. I have the DAC 20 and Phono 20 and they both sound phenomenal! After a full day's use, the amplifier is only lukewarm. It excels with timbral accuracy and can outclass many pre/power amplifiers. This one is definitely for keeps! It took me a full year to find the integrated amplifier that will give me endless hours of musical enjoyment. I have finally found it with the E-450. It has exceeded ALL of my expectations!! The customer service is first rate. Awesome amplifier!

Customer Service

Excellent! Email Kawakami San and he usually responds within a day or two. Local delaer is excellent too! They will send their techs to help you hook-up the set and answer whatever query you have.

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