Accuphase E-213 Integrated Amplifiers

Accuphase E-213 Integrated Amplifiers 


  • High quality power 90 watts
  • Total operation stability
  • Digital signal input
  • Analog record playback


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[Jan 29, 2010]

I used for 27 years a Realistic receiver (bought at the age of 12), some other Realistic stuff (cassette recorder, pick-up, speakers) and a Technics CDP. Not great gear but it survived my "wild" years which is quite a performance. But the receiver started to show small defects so I convinced my wife to buy something new and better. After auditioning Denon, Marantz, Rotel and others I was not convinced that these were the models I should look for. Primluna tube-amps sounded good but I don’t want to fight with tubes.
Finally I arrived at Alpha High End in Antwerp. Here they showed me the real stuff. It took some time and patience from Sammy but after auditioning integrats from Naim, Musical Fidelity, Electrocompagniet, Ayre and Accuphase I found my sound. Naim (Nait, Supernait) was to forward, Musical Fidelity (A5.5) powerfull but less finesses and Ayre sounded so unnatural to me. Finally they presented me the Accuphase E-213. Waauw, was this a revelation. Everything sounded so natural, smooth (not backward) and quite. I could listen for hours in the shop. I decided to buy this one in combination with Chario Millenium Academy speakers and an Accuphase DP-500(a used one).
After 7 month with my E-213 I am still very satisfied. My musical preference changed a bit from pure rock to classical and jazz. It all sounds great. Voices sound so natural. On good recorded cd’s my son of 10 months is searching for the real vocalists (where is that damned Louis Armstrong). The Accuphase learned me the weaknesses in pop- and rock cd’s. Most of them are poorly recorded. But if you play something from Reference Recordings, Hyperion or BIS you hear what they mean with “dynamics”. The Accuphase shows it perfectly. But here you meat its limitations. If you increase the volume you loose quite quick the dynamics. Which means imo the amp lacks some power for higher volume. Maybe the Chario’s are part of this.
The sound is detailed and bass is strong. Massive Attack bangs and sometimes I notice nice deep controlled bass (the Chario’s are bookshelves, so don’t go that low).
I use the amp also in combination with our tv. When my wife is watching tv and I am in another room it sometimes sounds frightening real. That good it is.

Very musical, dynamic, smooth (warm but not mellow), quite, natural, strong bass, refined highs
Build quality
It shows the weakness of the recording

None except for the lack of power for higher volume.

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